Patent published on November 7, 2023

Patent Suggests HoloLens Glasses Could Charge Via Hinge, Dodging Damage and Dust

Our world is continuously developing, and with it, technology evolves in a manner unimaginably swift, providing exciting, innovative solutions for a myriad of our day-to-day problems. Speaking of unseen innovations, an interesting new patent, number US11809020B2, just glimpsed daylight, transforming how glasses could be charging in the future. Let's dive into more intricate details.

Glasses, one of our daily use items, could sometimes surprise us with their fragility. A common issue that often crops up is the damage or contamination of USB receptacles. These are necessary for battery charging or data transfer, and any damage weakens the interface and its usability. In fact, larger receptacles can notably affect the design of the device, hindering the aesthetics. Also, traditional systems use magnets to maintain connection integrity, but they can cause interference with other components of wearable gadgets, further complicating things.

Enter the patent titled "Locating electrical contacts on device hinge" by Microsoft Technology Licensing. On the surface, it might seem like a rerun of tech jargon, but boiled down to its essence, it is an innovative way to protect the delicate electric parts of glasses, specifically the bits in the hinges, that let the arms of glasses move. The solution? Relocate the electrical contacts to the less touched hinge cover, providing these contacts more protection from damage or contamination, enhancing device longevity.

Imagine removing your glasses after a long day at work, and instead of scouring for the charging cord, you can simply place them in a case that automatically starts to recharge them. No more struggle with damaged charging ports or cumbersome magnets! This subtle but significant shift to the hinge makes the wearable gadget - named HoloLens - less prone to wear and tear and creates a more convenient and secure electrical connection without magnets' need.

Despite the enticing possibilities, it's essential to remember this exciting concept is currently still a patent. There is no guarantee when or even if this will actually hit the market. But isn't it the very essence of futuristic development that enthralls us all? We accelerate into the future, where technological progress continues to shift our previously conceived possibility realms. We can't predict what's around the corner, but one thing is sure, it's going to be electrifying. And at the forefront of this nascent reality will be Microsoft, pushing boundaries and innovating for a better tomorrow.

P.S. While the described technology sounds promising, note that this technology only exists on paper since it's a patent for now. Just like many other patents, there's no surety it will eventually appear on our shelves. Regardless, it's yet another promising step toward the future of technology that could potentially change the way we use our everyday gadgets.

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