Patent published on November 16, 2023

Samsung's New Patent Might Make QLED TVs Brighter and Safer

In our rapidly expanding digital age, the demand for clearer, brighter, and safer television screens is ever-growing. While televisions have already evolved from the big, bulky boxes of the past to slim, high-definition screens we use today, researchers at Samsung Electronics are pushing the envelope even further, as suggested in their newly released patent, number US20230365861A1.

At the heart of the problem, Samsung identifies is the limitations of current green-emitting quantum dots. These tiny particles, when hit with light, shoot back a colored glow, making them an essential component of our screens. But not all quantum dots are created equal. Those in use today have elements like cadmium, which, while useful, can potentially be harmful. Moreover, the 'green light emitters' in use deteriorate when used in devices.

This brings us to the conundrum Samsung has tasked itself with solving: how to construct quantum dots without cadmium that are both bright and stable. The added complexity, regardless of how small the quantum dot is, it may suffer from increased defects affecting the light emission further. However, simply increasing the thickness of the quantum dot to secure coating uniformity results in a decrease in light absorption, which isn't ideal for a quantum dot color filter.

So, what's Samsung's answer? According to the patent, they've managed to design quantum dots that shine bright in green, and are made with indium phosphide, offering a cadmium-free alternative. To top it off, these 'special' quantum dots are not just safer and brighter, but also better equipped to withstand wear and tear, encapsulated in a special material known as a 'polymer.'

Right now, it's a bit of a waiting game. The company believes that these 'better' quantum dots can revolutionize the tech industry by leading the way in TV screens, lights, and biosensors, among others. They may even find their place in solar cells and hybrid composites.

The use of these improved quantum dots could usher in a new era of high-definition television viewing with Samsung's QLED TV range. Imagine, your favorite shows, movies, and sports broadcasts all coming through in extra-vivid color, paired with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your viewing experience is better and safer for the environment.

P.S. As interesting and transformative as this invention appears to be, bear in mind - it's just a patent for now. There's no guarantee that we'll be seeing these new, improved quantum dots on the market soon, or at all. However, considering the potential that this technology holds, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that our TV viewing experience will witness exponential enhancement in the near future.

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