Patent published on September 26, 2023

8 Bit Ghost VR Patent Might Make Virtual Ghosts More Life-like

Ghosts are about to get a lot more lifelike, at least in the virtual world. The patent US11770252B2, Springfield-based tech company, 8 Bit Development’s newest offering aims to change the virtual reality game by projecting more life-like images of humans - kind of like ghosts if you may - on a screen.

So, what exactly is the issue this patent is trying to address? In simple terms, in the realm of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), there's been an ongoing challenge of creating realistic, 3D images or characters (like humans) that can interact in a virtual environment, essentially bringing the feeling of 'realness'. This problem gets trickier with multiple users, largely due to data limitations.

Enter, 8 Bit's latest innovation. The patented tech captures live videos of humans and their movements through a camera. This video is run through a special software to create a 3D image that’s just a 2D image in essence - just like a stage trick to create a ghost. This image can then be added to a virtual 3D world seen through devices like TV or a computer.

Let's examine how this would change the world, with some realistic scenarios. Imagine you're playing a VR game- let's pick something light and fun like poker. With 8 Bit’s technology, you can see your friends as highly realistic 3D images, making you feel you're playing poker in the same room -- a feat previously impossible in the world of VR gaming. Or picture this, carrying forward the magic of 8 Bit's tech to events like virtual concerts or lectures. You can see and interact with the performer or the speaker as though they're right in front of you.

But while such advancements are poised to revolutionize virtual experiences, they are however, confined to the patent document as of now. Also, patents are merely protective legal documentation for ideas, they neither confirm if the product is in development nor assure it ever will be. But one can certainly imagine the advancements in VR experiences if this technology comes to life. After all, who would say no to a more realistic virtual world?

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