Patent published on November 14, 2023

New Patent Could Make ABB Terra Charger Plug Itself into Electric Cars

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicle technology, a key challenge has been ensuring the simplicity and efficiency of electric vehicle charging. Recognizing this issue, a new patent (US11813951B2) has emerged offering a unique solution.

The root of the problem lies in the manual requirement for the user to connect their vehicle to a charging station. This task requires time and there is potential for the user to overlook it altogether, resulting in an uncharged vehicle the next morning. More so, varying placement of the charging ports on different models and brands increases the complexity of the issue.

Consistent with user's preference for simplicity and safety, the handling of charging components presents its own risk of electrocution, heightened with systems that leverage higher voltage for faster charging times. It is clear that a simplistic yet robust, and hands-free solution is needed for the consumer, both for increased adoption of electric vehicles and for the safety of the users.

Step in, the recently published patent by ABB Schweiz, titled 'DC pin localization for AC connection of electric vehicles'. This is not just a plug but an innovative solution with a tiny camera and a computerised system which resolves the charging complications. It works by scanning the car's charging spot and pinpoints its exact location. Upon identifying, it independently moves the plug into the charging spot, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Looking into the future, say goodbye to charging woes and hello to a hassle-free world where charging your electric vehicle is as simple as parking it. The small camera will take care of recognizing your vehicle's charging port location, enabling the system to seamlessly charge your vehicle overnight. Lost adapters, wrongly placed charging ports, and uncharged cars will be a thing of the past. This innovation will be particularly useful in a product like the ABB Terra High Power Charger.

What a world it would be when the plug even adjusts position for a perfect fit! Imagine that, instead of struggling with charging cables, you can leave your electric car to charge itself while you end your day stress-free.

P.S.: Please note, this technology is currently a patent and is not yet available in the market, meaning there is no guarantee it will become a product you can buy. However, the potential implications of this innovative technology paint an exciting picture of the future of electric vehicle charging.

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