Patent published on November 9, 2023

New Patent Could Make Social Networking More Fulfilling

The world of online social networking could experience a significant shift following the recent publication of patent number US20230362219A1, filed by a certain Mr. Abraham Lieberman. The patent introduces a novel conversational social network system designed to foster more personalized and meaningful conversations between users.

A core issue within current social networking platforms is the rather randomized nature of connections and interactions, especially concerning audio and video chats. Users often find themselves conversing with unknown individuals having vastly different interests, conversation styles, or temperaments, resulting in unsatisfactory social interactions. The problem further extends to customer service scenarios, where lacklustre customer-agent matches often harrow user experience.

Mr. Lieberman's patent offers a compelling solution. The proposed conversational social network system analyzes audio and video conversations between users. Using smart algorithms, it evaluates the participants' conversational attributes and classifies them based on their behavior and engagement level. It assigns compatibility scores, and based on these scores, sets up future conversations between different participants. The core premise of this patented technology is to boost social interactions by appropriately matching individuals, ensuring that the conversation is fulfilling for everyone involved.

Upon successful implementation and acceptance, this technology could significantly alter our online social and professional interactions. For instance, efficient customer service calls could become the norm, with the automatic pairing of customers with service representatives that align with their communication preferences and demeanor. People seeking interesting social interactions on online platforms could seamlessly connect with like-minded individuals who share mutual interests, thereby enriching their online social experiences.

While the figures accompanying the patent give a comprehensive visual insight into how this technology works, they notably highlight how users can set up new social interactions based on preferred user interactions witnessed in the past.

However, it's important to underscore that this patent merely represents a proposed solution; there is no certainty that it will become a reality in the vast online arena. Whether Mr. Lieberman sets out to commercialize this system, or some established social networking platform incorporates this into their product line, only time will reveal.

P.S: A patent signifies a proposed solution to a problem and doesn't necessarily reflect a product that will arrive in the consumer market. Consequently, there's no guarantee we will see this "conversational social network" as a feature in social networking platforms soon.

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