Patent published on December 7, 2023

Patent Promises Smoother Graphics for 'Call of Duty' Gamers

In the fast-paced world of video gaming, gamers desire smooth, lag-free experiences, especially in highly popular games like Call of Duty. This is the core issue that the patent no. US20230390639A1, titled, "Methods and Systems for Selecting a Level of Detail Visual Asset During the Execution of a Video Game", filed by Activision Publishing, is trying to solve.

The problem the patent tackles is not immediately apparent, but it affects every player who has ever pulled up a game on their device. Graphics in video games are made up of intricate pictures, known as Level of Detail (LOD) visual assets. These graphics need to change as the player's perspective changes, like when moving closer or further to an object in the game. Traditionally, the process of creating these changing visuals is time-consuming and manual, requiring significant input from graphic artists. This hampers the ability of a video game to consistently provide the best visuals for different gameplay situations, leading to less-than-stellar gaming experiences.

Activision's patent brings an innovative solution to this problem. It proposes an automated system that not only handles the creation of these visuals but also allows for manual modulation by graphic artists. It is like having a smart system that does the bulk of the work, with the artists able to jump in to ensure the system generates the best possible visuals for different gaming scenarios.

Imagine Call of Duty's future where players experience continuously enhanced visual details without lags or choppiness, regardless of their virtual movements. The landscape could appear more vivid from far away, and the close-up details could be smoother, more accurate. This could improve the overall gaming experience, immersing players deeper into the gaming world, making the action feel more realistic.

However, it's crucial to remember that this is a patent, a theoretical solution to a real problem. Whether Activision will actually apply this technology to future versions of Call of Duty or other games, remains unknown. Wishful thinking is all we have until this patent makes its way into mainstream gaming, and we see noticeably smoother graphics in our favorite video games.

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