Patent published on August 15, 2023

Adam Gottlieb's QR Communication Platform: Making Tech Support Easier and Quicker for Everyone

In a bid to make technological support swift and more efficient, owner Adam Gottlieb of patent number US11727237B2 introduces a revolutionary QR Communication Platform. This disclosure simplifies how we address technical issues with devices by employing modern technology to assist the traditional avenue of problem-solving. As we know, the broad spectrum of technological devices that dominate our lives today come with their fair share of complexities. Subsequently, the demand for tech support escalates.

Gottlieb's patent focuses on bridging the gap between the user of a device and the support operator. In the past, communicating an issue to a support operator often felt like a game of charades. With limited information about the device or location at hand, the operator would have to work with what little they had, significantly slowing down the resolution process. Gottlieb's invention offers a substantial solution to this challenge.

Through his QR Communication Platform, a user can simply use their phone to scan a QR code. This QR code will directly lead them to a specially created website link, housing details such as where the QR code is located, or the specs about a specific device. The user's phone, connected to this website, can relay valuable information back to the operator without a word said.

Now, it might seem very familiar, something like scanning a QR Code for a restaurant menu. However, what sets it apart is the fact that each QR Code corresponds to a unique website link, creating a distinct information portal for every device or situation. This feature makes the information accessible to the operator reconfigurable and dynamic, controlled by an administrator.

Moreover, as it is encoded with a unique link, the QR code provides location-specific or device-specific information, simplifying the operator's job. In essence, it's like having a digital guidebook that can be instantly updated with each scan.

Packaging information, location, and communication into a single QR Code significantly impacts the efficiency of tech support. The traditional method of relying solely on physical voice, text, or video communication is suddenly beefed up by adding a rich layer of immediate, on-demand information. This approach saves both the user and the operator time, bringing about a quicker resolution.

One could draw a parallel to this system with an enhanced PBAX video platform, terrific for teams. The whole user-related application can be a basic browser-based interface, eliminating the need for any devoted application to launch a video call.

Furthermore, this centralised streamline of communication can all be set up in the cloud, making it thoroughly accessible via a simple web browser and a camera/microphone. This level of convenience efficiently draws together multiple endpoints, pulling off seamless connectivity into customer locations. This newfound connection allows the operator to know where the customer is situated, even before the customer speaks a word.

Adding to the flexibility of the platform, staff could answer calls via their PC or mobile device when out in the field giving them agility and mobility for work. The system also empowers the administrator to customize the mapping from the QR codes to the links whenever necessary.

In conclusion, while this communication platform offers a fantastic solution to efficiency in tech support, it's crucial to note that its availability in the market remains undecided as the concept is still in the patent stage. It certainly paves the way for a world where human interaction finds a harmonious blend with technology to simplify our lives and our work.

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