Patent published on September 7, 2023

AdvaTech's New Patent Might Make Health Monitoring in Real-Time a Reality

The world of healthcare technology is continuously evolving, and a new patent is showing how the future of health monitoring could move into unchartered territories. Recently, 'Advatech Healthcare Europe' has earned the rights for a patent titled 'Cloud-Based System for Real-Time Monitoring of Subject and In-Vehicle Cloud-Based System', with the patent number US20230282372A1. This ground-breaking invention is all about a super-smart system that can keep an eye on a person's health and well-being, reminiscent of a vigilant guardian angel looking after them.

What's the ruckus about? The current situation in health monitoring involves wearable gadgets that keep track of a variety of health parameters like heartbeat, body temperature, body mass index, blood pressure, and other vital stats. Amazing on the surface, but when you dig deeper, it reveals several issues. These devices, despite their intelligent design, fail to recognize an emergency situation and alert for immediate action or preventive measures, disregarding the possible risks and complications. Furthermore, the existing in-vehicle health monitoring devices also don't quite make the mark when it comes to predicting a medical emergency while a person is on the move, leaving a wide gap in ensuring complete safety.

So, how does the patent revolutionize health monitoring? This is where Advatech's patent steps in to resolve the problem. Imagine a diligent machine that predicts potential health issues by employing techniques of machine learning and artificial intelligence and accordingly recommends preventive measures. Specifically, elderly patients or disabled individuals with complex health conditions can travel with peace of mind, with a trustworthy digital shield efficiently overseeing their health status.

Think about how this will reshape the world. Personal health could be monitored like never before. A patient with a cardiovascular condition or a diabetic individual would not just be monitored for blood pressure or sugar levels, but also alerted for any potential risks that could lead to critical health situations. In-vehicle, whether taking a taxi drive or an ambulance ride, patients would be under constant, real-time supervision, extinguishing the fear of unexpected medical emergencies during the journey.

For instance, consider you're taking your elderly mother who has a history of heart problems on a road trip to celebrate her birthday. The in-vehicle smart monitoring system would eliminate any worries about her condition flaring up unpredictably, making for a memorable and stress-free trip for everyone involved.

P.S.: It's important to note, the idea of this health monitoring system is still within the realm of a patented technology - patent US20230282372A1 - and we are yet to see if Advatech's 'smart health guardians' would make a market appearance in the future.

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