Patent published on May 28, 2024

New Patent by AGVISORPRO Revolutionizes Easy Communication between Devices

AGVISORPRO, a leading technology company, has recently been granted a groundbreaking patent that aims to simplify communication between devices. This patent, titled "Connecting devices for communication sessions," with the number US11997168B2, addresses the core problem of efficiently connecting client devices for seamless communication sessions, ultimately enhancing user experience and problem-solving capabilities.

In today's fast-paced world, where information is readily available at our fingertips, individuals often need to connect with experts who can provide precise answers to their queries. However, as the number of users and devices continues to grow, connecting the right expert becomes increasingly challenging. Existing methods may rely on accuracy but lack transparency, whereas others offer transparency but compromise accuracy. This patent seeks to bridge this gap by providing an efficient and reliable solution.

The system outlined in the patent utilizes special software to facilitate communication between devices. It employs a clever algorithm that predicts which experts will be best suited to answer specific questions. First, the system receives a question from a user via their device. It then proceeds to analyze and identify potential experts based on the nature of the question.

By leveraging cutting-edge techniques, such as machine learning models, the system generates precise predictions about the most qualified experts to address the query. This eliminates the need for users to manually search for experts themselves, saving both time and effort. Once the potential experts are selected, the system sends the question to their devices.

The experts, in turn, provide their answers, leveraging their vast knowledge and expertise in the given field. The system, while considering the quality and relevance of the responses, intelligently selects the most suitable experts to engage with the user. Finally, the system presents the user with a list of experts they can communicate with, ensuring they connect with the right individual for their specific query.

With the implementation of this patent, the future of communication between devices becomes more efficient and user-friendly. Imagine a farmer seeking advice on the latest agricultural techniques or a small business owner in need of guidance on optimizing their operations. In the near future, they will be able to effortlessly connect with industry experts, receiving valuable insights and solutions promptly.

Productizing this technology, AGVISORPRO introduces "AGVISORPRO ExpertConnect," a platform that harnesses the power of this patent and connects individuals with relevant experts. This innovative solution promises to revolutionize how people seek information and guidance across various fields, such as agriculture, automotive, restaurant services, retail, clothing, landscaping, and more.

While this patent holds immense potential to shape the future of communication between devices, it is essential to note that its appearance in the market is not guaranteed. Patents often serve as proof of an inventive solution, but further development, testing, and market readiness play integral roles in determining their ultimate applicability.

In conclusion, AGVISORPRO's newly patented technology, "Connecting devices for communication sessions," offers a remarkable solution to the existing challenges faced in connecting devices for seamless communication. By simplifying the process of finding experts and facilitating smooth knowledge exchange, this patent sets the stage for a future where individuals can easily access the guidance they need, unlocking vast possibilities across various industries.

P.S. It is crucial to acknowledge that patents, although representing innovative ideas, do not guarantee their immediate or eventual appearance in the market. As with any patent, further development, market analysis, and practical considerations are vital before the technology becomes a tangible reality.

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