Patent published on October 5, 2023

New Patent Might Make Personal Health Tracking Wearable That Gives Instant Solutions

Imagine a simple scenario where you're walking down the street, your heart is racing and you feel stress creeping in. But you just can't put your finger on the reason. Enter the "SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PROVIDING A REMEDIAL PROCEDURE," a recently patented idea with patent number US20230309830A1, aiming to solve this common issue: an unawareness of our overall physical and mental health until it's too late.

Often, early signs of health risks, like stress or heart issues, go undetected. Regular monitoring can provide valuable understanding of heart rate and stress levels. Still, without a clear path forward, we risk not making the necessary changes to improve our health. Traditional devices like smart watches fall short here. They do a good job updating us about our health parameters but offer no actionable steps to correct potential issues.

That's the problem Akash Madnani aims to solve with his newly patented invention. It’s a wearable gadget designed to monitor both your physical and mental health, and when it detects something amiss, it provides an immediate remedial procedure. This device is not just a passive tracker; it pinpoints problems and shows you what to do about them right then and there.

In simple terms, it's like having a personal doctor and wellness coach in a device that you wear, whether you're at home, at work, or mid-jog at the park. If something's off— stress, abnormal heart rate, poor sleep patterns— not only will you be instantly alerted, but you'll also get advice on how to fix the problem.

This could usher in a significant shift in personal health management. Picture starting your day with an early morning jog. With this wearable, you'd know if your heart rate was too high and your stress level rising even before you noticed the shortness of breath, and you'd immediately get advice on how to return to a healthy state, maybe by switching to gentler, "resonant breathing" at 6-8 breaths per minute, a proven method to help heart rate variability and wellness.

This smart device acts as an essential support system, adapting to your lifestyle, consistently monitoring for potential risks, and offering the necessary action steps to better health. This means we no longer have to feel lost at the early signs of stress or ill health. It helps us take control, with easy-to-follow interventions personalized to our unique needs in real-time.

Now, it's important to note that this is a patent and doesn't constitute a product in the market just yet. Patents represent an intention to develop solutions to problems, and their implementation is subject to multiple variables, from funding to technical feasibility. But if a device like this becomes a reality, it may truly redefine personal health management, substituting reactionary healthcare with a preventative and proactive approach.

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