Patent published on August 24, 2023

Altered State Machine's Patent Could Turn A.I. Models into Tradable Cards

Today, we throw the spotlight on patent number US20230267128A1, filed by the company Altered State Machine. Crunching down the technobabble, we stumble upon something that feels like it's straight out of a futuristic novel: a computer program that can be owned, traded, and used in various places that we interact with daily, including video games, chatbots, and even financial markets.

The problem at its core is simple yet intricate. Technologies such as artificial intelligence models are evolving at breakneck speeds. For developers and users, making them easily accessible, sharable, and usable is akin to hitting a moving target. Imagine having an innovative AI model - it only becomes as good as the number of people who can seamlessly use it.

Issues arise as the process of sharing and using these models is still chained to conventional methods. They are either locked inside a specific system, requiring the second user to adapt to a completely different environment, or they are simplified to a point where they lose their core functionality during the transfer.

Evidently, this dampens innovation and slows down the global capacity to adapt artificial intelligence, affecting its potential role across a plethora of industries.

With its ambitious patent, Altered State Machine promises to solve this problem. Think of the solution as virtual trading cards. But instead of being decorated with your favorite baseball player, it hosts an artificial intelligence model. Just like trading cards, these AI models are transportable, deployable and can retain their individuality in different environments—be it a game design platform or a financial analytics tool.

But there's a twist. Powered by cryptographic tokens, these AI models can be bought, traded, or sold. It's akin to owning a piece of digital property. Moreover, multiple these virtual trading cards can be combined to spawn something entirely new, promising an ease of integration never seen before.

Picture a world post-implementation of this patent - developers across the globe can easily access AI models, use them in their respective fields without losing any functionalities, and make improvements that can be shared again. An indie game developer in Berlin could leverage an AI character model designed by a tech-startup in San Francisco. The results can then be shared and used by an animation studio in Tokyo.

Likewise, financial analysts could use AI models to predict market trends, share their findings with other analysts who can then make further improvements. In essence, it’s a global, dynamic brainstorming session facilitated by this new form of interchangeability.

This development, however, comes with a grain of salt. Despite our excitement, we should remember that this concept is at the patent stage. It's a promising idea in its early stages of life, and there's no certainty it will eventually appear on the market. Let's keep our fingers crossed, hoping that technology, like always, will surprise us in fantastic ways.

P.S. While the concept shows great promise, and could change the way creative minds work together, be reminded that Altered State Machine's patent is still just that—a patent, and there is no solid affirmation that this technology will appear on the market.

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