Patent published on October 24, 2023

New Patent Could Make Owning and Trading AI Models Simpler

In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize various sectors, new challenges seem to emerge at a similar pace. One such challenge lies in the sphere of AI model ownership and utilization across different computing environments – a problem recently addressed by US patent number US11797274B2.

Essentially, the burgeoning ecosystem of AI-reliant arenas has traditionally been marred by an inability to freely use specific AI-based programs beyond their originating computing environments. Additionally, the concept of ownership and tradeability of these AI "brains" has been complex and largely uncharted. These obstacles have had stunting effects on innovation and the maximization of AI utility.

Addressing these predicaments is US11797274B2 titled 'Interoperable composite data units for use in distributed computing execution environments', an invention by Altered State Machine. The patent outlines a unique AI program (think of it as an intelligent digital brain involved in creating video games or chat bots) tied to a distinctive digital token – much like a unique digital sticker. This marriage of the AI program and digital identifier not only represents ownership but also permits their trade as a unit, thereby introducing a fresh dimension of flexibility and user-control into the AI paradigm.

Furthermore, the patent accounts for interoperability. The AI 'brain' can collaborate with others of its kind to create an ecosystem where several AI brains operate in a synergistic flow. This interaction has significant potential implications for various sectors, including video gaming, chat bots and even financial trading.

Once widely implemented, this invention could shift our reality quite markedly. For instance, gamers or developers could own, trade, and better utilize AI models in their gaming environments, leading to richer, more interactive experiences. Similarly, in the financial sector, AI brains could be tailored to perform specific roles and then traded or combined to form dynamic trading systems.

However, it's important to note that this solution, while ground-breaking, is currently in the patent stage. There's no absolute certainty that it will make its way into market applications. Yet, the possibilities it represents are certainly significant, indicating a giant stride toward reimagining the use of AI in our digital world.

P.S. As a patent, this product is still a concept and not a confirmed market product. Its practical application, once materialized, could look slightly different or function in ways unanticipated presently.

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