Patent published on November 14, 2023

Apple's Patent Could Make Locating Your Stuff Easier with AirTag

Life is full of valuable things we can easily misplace- from keys and wallets to beloved pets and crucial documents. Losing track of these items can harm our day-to-day lives, lead to financial loss, or cause emotional stress. To counteract such issues, imagine then, a little tag that could be attached to any item which would then be locatable through the simple use of technology.

The technology we're talking about is the highlight of a patent granted to Apple (US11812842B2) that's working to solve the problem of misplacing personal property, especially non-electronic items, or gadgets that lack GPS. The patent introduces an 'Enclosure for a wirelessly locatable tag', a remarkable technological venture that promises to bring about significant changes to the way we keep track of our possessions.

The patent outlines an innovative invention, a special tag that can be found using wireless signals. This tag uses an antenna located on its sides, sending out signals which can then be detected by a wireless device. With a space for holding a small, round battery, and a robust plastic shell providing the protective covering, this tag promises facilitated discovery of personal belongings, introducing ease into our lives.

After this problem is solved, the world will be vastly different for us all. Picture this: you’re about to leave for an important meeting and can't remember where you put your keys. Instead of frantically searching around the house, you simply use the locator on your phone and with just a few clicks, you're reunited with your keys and heading off to your meeting without delay.

Or contemplate a scanario where you can't find your beloved pet at the park. With this new technology, you could simply use your phone to track the tag on your pet’s collar and heave a sigh of relief as you quickly locate him.

But it is important to remember that, as the nature of the patent suggests, there is no certainty whether this product will be released in the market or not. Although the convenience it promises is appealing, we will have to wait and see if this innovation surpasses the patent phase to become a part of our daily lives.

With this new patent, Apple may soon be turning science fiction into reality. Who knows? In a few years, we might wonder how we ever managed to find anything without these ingenious little tags.

However, it's crucial to remember that any claims made here are based on a granted patent. There's no guarantee that this product will be made available in the market. It all depends on whether or not Apple decides to take the idea from paper to production.

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