Patent published on August 8, 2023

Apple's New Feature: Easily Find What You Like on Apple Music and TV+

Apple recently obtained a patent, number US11720229B2, that might significantly shape the way users interact with Apple Music and Apple TV+. Revolving around the concept of an advanced digital companion, this invention aims to present users with content based on their preferences.

Unlike many other recommendation algorithms, Apple’s patent focuses on tailoring the user's experience by presenting only the content to which they have access. Essentially, if a user is not entitled to view specific content, this feature will exclude such content, ensuring users can browse through a personalized interface clutter-free.

In addition, this technology drastically lessens user interaction time. This is an essential factor as gadgets are often battery-operated, and this feature could play an important role in prolonging battery life.

The new technology also takes a step further in decluttering the user interface. It aims to present content and content representations more effectively, thereby, enhancing usability and reducing errors in usage.

Furthermore, the patent proposes methods to reveal to the users what content they can access only through a subscription. This means showing the users what they could have access to before they subscribe, providing a practical indication of benefits gained via subscription.

Similarly, another feature that has been proposed is to display entitled and non-entitled content items in the same manner. This could lead to users realizing what they could enjoy if they had access to non-entitled items, thus possibly boosting the subscription rate.

One key aspect that stands out from this detailed patent is the insistence on making the interaction between the user and gadget quicker and more efficient. This is not just beneficial to the user but reduces power usage, ultimately sustaining the device's battery life.

Though this patent details an interesting approach to improving the Apple Music and Apple TV+ user experience, it’s important to remember one thing. A patent is merely a starting point and does not guarantee that this feature will ever see the light of day in the market. It is a reminder of the potential things to come and offers a glimpse into Apple's thinking and the company's commitment to improving the user experience.

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