Patent published on October 10, 2023

Apple's New Patent Could Make Siri Understand You Better

In the bustling world of tech, Apple has secured a new patent - US11783815B2 – marking a critical step towards significantly enhancing the functionalities of digital assistants, such as Siri herein.

At the crux of the patent's application lies a problem we've all grappled with. For instance, on stating "Turn on the lights," during our bedtime, Siri would simply illuminate the room, falling short of turning off the computer as well. While a human companion might intuitively perform both tasks recognising the time of day, digital assistants, till now, have failed to account for such contexts.

This limitation cuts into the prompt effectiveness of digital assistants, muting their potential in aiding with advanced tasks. Its fallout is a reality where digital assistants remain mere tools for elementary commands like playing music or setting alarms, instead of becoming intuitive companions akin to their human counterparts.

Apple's new patent seeks to rectify this shortcoming. It proposes a digital assistant capable of interpreting natural language while considering context and interactions. Drawn from a combination of voice inputs and post-command user reactions, this assistant will complete the task and declare its actions to the user. It mirrors the process humans use to clarify a command, ensuring optimum task completion.

So, imagine requesting Siri to "set things for bedtime." Endowed with Apple's innovation, Siri would not only dim the lights but also switch off your computer, enhancing user interactions and advancing towards a world where digital assistants become more intuitive and responsive.

In using the new modality system, Siri will become an aiding force in our daily lives, predicting and interpreting our needs from incomplete sentences or voice commands. By deducing the intent behind our commands, Siri will become more than an assistant - a digital companion that understands and responds to our needs.

It’s essential to highlight that a patent is simply a legal affirmation of an invention. Its commercial manifestation may or may not take place. As such, while Apple’s new patent provides a fascinating window into a world with more intuitive digital assistants, whether Siri will soon come to embody this feature remains to be seen.

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