Patent published on December 7, 2023

New Patent Could Make Apple TV Games, Shows Predict Your Mood

In the bustling world of technology, we continually encounter the frustration of handling and managing different devices. One of these common, everyday problems that Apple’s recently patented technique, US20230396848A1 entitled "Predictive Media Routing,” aims to solve involves the previously onerous task of selecting a specific media or game on your Apple TV.

Often, it feels like decoding a cipher when we're trying to choose the correct media content from our device to play on Apple TV. It commences with the opening of an application, moving on to selecting the media content, pressing the play button, then another button, and finally scrolling through a long list of potential playback devices to select correct one. It can be an exasperating, tedious and time-consuming task, especially when dealing with a plethora of devices at home or in a large office set up.

Fortunately, Apple's new patent aims to obliterate this problem. The patent in essence serves as a savvy remote control that can predict your TV or video game preferences based on your previous choices and the frequency of their use. Remarkably, if the prediction is spot on, it can turn on your favorite show or game for you!

This invention implies a resurrection of convenience in our use of Apple TV. The new system would require fewer steps and save users' time, further enhancing the user-friendly nature of app navigation. Optimal efficiency is obtained in the selection process due to the predictive ability of the patent system. Additionally, the patent respects user privacy by collecting all prediction scores and context information completely within the user's device, thereby ensuring this sensitive information is not distributed outside of the user's gadget, nor accessible by unauthorized entities.

Many of us could envision a future where our Smart TVs intuitively tune in to our favorite shows or games, without us lifting more than one finger! Imagine settling down for your traditional Friday movie night, only to find that your Apple TV has already anticipated your choice, ready to play the next episode of the series you're hooked on.

It’s important to note that while this patent holds potential, whether or not we will see this invention on the market is uncertain. But we can keep dreaming!

P.S.: The information in the article is based on the patent 'US20230396848A1- Predictive media routing’ and while it offers a glimpse of the possible future, it should be noted that patents do not always result in a marketable product. Nonetheless, it exhibits the inventive steps being taken by Apple.

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