Patent published on August 15, 2023

Apple's New Patent Makes Apple TV Your Personal Mind-Reader for Shows and Games

Apple has secured a new patent that promises to revolutionize the way we interact with our home entertainment systems. The patent (number US11729470B2) is essentially for a super-smart TV remote that knows what device you want to watch your shows and games on before you even have to think about it.

Currently, to get your favorite show playing on the screen, you might have to navigate through a complicated series of settings and options, finding the right device, selecting the media content, and then playing it. This process is often slow and potentially frustrating.

Apple's patent details a new, user-friendly system that remembers your typical habits and uses this information to predict where you would like to play your media content next. It could be your TV, your tablet, or even your gaming console - all decided based on your previous usage patterns.

This patent could be repurposed for Apple TV, promising to make it even more intuitive and tailored to individual users. This smart TV remote could show up the devices you might want to use next, or even automatically send your selected show or game to the device it thinks you'll want.

According to the patent, this selection process is kept securely on your device to prioritize your privacy. So, there's no worry about other businesses accessing your device selection history or any of the other information gathered to predict your preference.

However, while the patent has been secured, it doesn't guarantee that this automatic device selection feature will come to life on Apple TV or any other Apple product. Many patents are secured as a way for companies to lay claim to an idea, even if they don't plan on using it immediately. In simpler terms, this is Apple saying, "We've got a new idea, and we might use it in the future, so hands off."

Remember, patents are not product announcements. So while this news gives us a sneak peek into the future possibilities of Apple TV and home entertainment, there's no definitive word on when or if this particular feature will hit the market. Until then, let's hear it for fewer remote interactions and a more seamless streaming experience that's closer to watching personal preferences versus clicking through options.

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