Patent published on August 8, 2023

Apple TV's New Feature: Remembering and Restoring Your Favorite Show Settings Made Easy

With the entertainment world at our fingertips and technology transforming at an astronomical speed, Apple unveils a feature that promises to ease our viewing experience like never before. The tech giant recently received a patent, labeled as US11722723B2, for a feature that can remember and restore your favorite show settings on Apple TV, with a revolutionary new remote control system.

Let's take a simple example. Just like every person is unique, so are our preferences for how we consume our favorite television content. Imagine setting the perfect brightness, sound level, and even the specific color tone that suits your favorite late-night thriller. Now, you change the settings when your kids watch their favorite animated movie during the day. But as night falls, do we remember the exact settings tailored for our late-night thriller? This new Apple TV feature might have the answer to that.

The new system is an advanced TV remote that remembers and can also restore our favorite settings. No need to recall the precise degree of brightness or the exact bass level in your speakers. This remote system could store these settings and switch back to them whenever needed. Not only that, but it could also suggest settings based on what you're watching at the moment.

This new controller could save the state of the viewer's multimedia system, which includes the conditions of lights like on or off and brightness levels, states of speakers like volume level and balance, and media that is playing on a media playback application, among other settings. The traditional remote control can only save and restore different pre-set scenes, and a user has to spend time manually defining the scene. This conventionally becomes a tedious process, especially when we have to switch between shows or movies frequently.

However, the proposed portable gadget simplifies it all. This new device might be portable, battery-operated, and easy to carry around, letting you control your multimedia system effortlessly wherever you are. This device streamlines the automated scene restoration process, making it more efficient and faster. After the scene is restored, the device could provide a summary for the user.

Promoting privacy, Apple intends to minimize the use of personal information data and manage it responsibly. The aim is to reduce risks of unintentional or unauthorized access or use. The device can make accurate content selections, deliver it to the user by inferring preferences based on the minimal amount of personal information, and other non-personal information available to device connection services.

Though the device which received the patent seems promising, like any patent, there's no certainty that this feature will materialize in the market. It is common for companies to apply for patents for inventions that might never reach the consumers. For now, all we have is anticipation of an even more seamless viewing experience, on our fingertips.

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