Patent published on August 29, 2023

Avaya's New Patent Might Make Office Calls Easier

The Problem: Office communication can be an unwieldy beast. Whether you’re an employee darting between meetings throughout the day or an IT manager struggling to enforce Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, ensuring smooth and easy conversation in an enterprise setting is difficult. Particularly in large organizations, there are a host of communication issues that often arise. Employees may be out of range from their personal device, in a location with poor service, or unaware of the full range of enterprise communication services. One of the most pressing issues in this context is the integration between communication technologies and employee devices. Existing systems simply fail to provide a seamless solution.

Enter Avaya Management’s new patent, US11743427B2. The patent proposes a solution to solve these communication issues by seamlessly connecting the corporate communication network with personal devices.

The Details: This visionary invention can be likened to a fleet of walkie-talkies for an entire organization. Similar to how a walkie-talkie hands off your conversation to another device as you move out of range, this patent emphasizes the idea of uninterrupted conversation as employees navigate their workspace. Appreciate the simplicity - you can communicate non-stop without being restricted by the limitations of device range or location.

Now moving from the walkie-talkie analogy onto the features of the invention. The proposed system does not require any specific heavy-duty computing or interface capabilities on the user’s personal devices. Instead, processing is handled by the distributed communication controller (the brain), and interfacing is managed via wearables and peripherals. This kind of system essentially permits simple devices, which are easily portable, to act as effective interfaces to the communication controller.

The Fallout: Picture this – seamlessly taking a business call on your earphones and walking into the farthest corner of your office building without the fear of disconnects or service interruptions. Imagine not having to worry about carrying your hefty laptop around for meetings, because you can effortlessly communicate through an interface as small as a watch. This could be a reality soon.

In the grander scheme, this could revamp office communications globally. Discussions, collaborations, even casual conversations would be significantly more efficient and effectively wide-ranging. Its potential impact is nothing less than transforming how we perceive business communication.

P.S: While this patent, like all patents, is officially on record, it's not an assurance that it will eventually make its way into the market. It’s best to keep our fingers crossed and see how Avaya Management proceeds with this potentially groundbreaking innovation.

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