Patent published on October 19, 2023

A New Patent For Easy Room Mapping With AWE 3D Floor Plan Generator

Navigating unknown spaces and understanding their layout can often be difficult. Especially in matters of architecture and interior planning, having a detailed floor-plan is essential. However, currently, creating such floor plans needs specific hardware like depth cameras or panorama photography, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Adding to this, occlusions in rooms filled with furniture or people can hinder the process, impacting the overall accuracy of the plan. A new patent by AWE Company, bearing the number US20230334727A1 may be the solution to this problem.

The AWE 3D Floor Plan Generator is an innovative technology that makes use of simple 2D images to produce a precise map of a room, overcoming the need for specific hardware. The technology examines images taken from all corners of a room and calculates the depth and distance of various objects within the space. With this data at hand, it concocts a comprehensive model of the room - essentially, a 3D treasure map that helps understand the room without the need of being physically present.

This invention is set to revolutionize the way floor plans are created and interpreted. No longer do people have to rely on skilled technicians or special equipment. Anyone with access to a regular camera could create a sophisticated map of their office or living room. Imagine a furniture store that lets you pick your pieces online. With a simple upload of your room's images, the 3D floor plan generator would create a map allowing the virtual placement of furniture. This will help customers see how the furniture fits and influences their existing space.

However, it's not just the customers who will benefit from this. Construction companies working on bigger projects can help their architects and engineers understand the site better without actually visiting the space. Even property dealers could provide potential buyers with accurate 3D room layouts, helping them to make informed decisions.

But, as promising as the technology behind the patent US20230334727A1 is, we must remember it is just a patent at this point in time. While the appropriate application of this technology could change the way we interact with spaces, there is no guarantee when or even if this patent will materialize into a market-ready product. So, keep an eye out for future developments relating to this incredible innovation.

P.S. Please bear in mind, this is a patent and we do not have any confirmation yet on when or if it will become a market-ready commodity.

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