Patent published on November 7, 2023

Patent Could Make Bang & Olufsen's Beoplay H95 Headset Windproof

Everyone has encountered this frustrating situation - you slip on your favorite headphones for a comfort call or to enjoy some music during a gusty day, only to have the wind distort your hearing experience. This vexing situation is triggered due to wind impacts on the microphone of the headphones, lowering the sound quality or, in some cases, making it almost incomprehensible.

Such an annoyance typically arises during voice and video calls when the sound signal collected by the headset is influenced by the wind. The transmission then needs to be corrected before it reaches the receiver, often a person involved in the call. A host of other issues arise from this problem: misunderstandings due to the lack of audio clarity, interruptions in the conversation flow because of repeated requests for clarification, and sheer frustration when crucial information is misheard - all this may lead to a poor user experience, and for professionals, potentially pivotal business calls going awry.

The recently patented 'US11812243B2' by Bang & Olufsen is an innovative settlement to this predicament. At the center of this patent is a headset, envisioned to be used perhaps in their Beoplay H95. This headset is a game-changer - it can deduce the direction of the wind and measures its headset orientation. Equipped with this critical data, it alters the sound received within the headset accordingly. Quite literally, it is an "intelligent" headset that uses wind and orientation data to ensure a flawless sound experience for the user.

Imagine a world where sound retains its quality regardless, and every word around you remains crystal clear, even on a blustery day. A professional could take an important call while strolling in a windy park without worrying about mishearing important details. A music enthusiast could immerse in their favorite tunes at a windy beach with the waves in sight and without any audio disturbance.

Coupled with its commitment to tackle wind noise, this patent further aids in saving energy. The external receipt of wind information limits the processor's load, minimizing the energy consumed by the headset.

However, it's noteworthy to remember that patents are merely a legal provision to protect an idea or invention. It doesn't necessarily mean that Bang & Olufsen will definitely add the proposed feature into their products, like the Beoplay H95. The actual product on the market may vary from what's detailed in the patent. Until the windproof headset graces the shelves, keep that windbreaker handy for those windy communication sessions!

Figures that accompany the patent, showing a standard pair of headphones and another model where earbuds may suffice, indicate that Bang & Olufsen is considering this invention's implementation for various headsets styles.

With this patent, the audience will be saved from the 'winds' of distorted sound, ensuring a conversation as clear as a calm day. The 'US11812243B2' stands as a beacon of hope for profit professionals who swear by clear sound quality, regardless of their environment.

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