Patent published on October 3, 2023

Bank of America's Patent Might Soon Fix Digital Banking Glitches Automatically

We all know how frustrating it can be to run into digital issues when banking or managing our finances online. Whether it's dealing with slow loading times, glitches, or unexpected errors, these issues require time-consuming human intervention to be resolved.

The good news? Bank of America's recently published patent US11775401B1 might have a solution.

It's pretty simple - imagine if, instead of a human, a computer could spot and fix issues as soon as they occur. That's what the Bank of America team was aiming for with their "Intelligent coordination of log analysis and repair processes in a multi-cloud system." Simply put, instead of waiting for a human to spot a problem and then fix it, this system lets computers fix problems themselves.

More specifically, instead of banking services being down because someone needs to manually figure out what went wrong and then come up with a solution, this new patented technology could slash downtime. This is a big deal, especially in critical industries like banking or emergency services where prolonged downtime is not just inconvenient, it's close to disastrous.

The invention uses what is called "Li-Fi," it's like Wi-Fi but it uses light to send a lot of information quickly. Basically, it's like a network of computers, where if one computer has an issue, it can swiftly hand over its tasks to another. This is all in the cloud - much like where you save your photos or documents online.

So, picture a world where these frustrating moments become a thing of the past because your digital banking platform is now practically self-healing. For the everyday user, this could mean fewer headaches and more importantly, uninterrupted access to critical financial services.

While this certainly sounds like a significant step towards a more efficient future, remember, this is just a patent. There's no guarantee that this technology will hit the market.

However, the fact that such a concept is being considered at all, holds potential for leaps and bounds growth within the realm of digital service delivery. Will this automated self-repairing technology be the key to a new era of digital banking? Only time will tell.

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