Patent published on January 30, 2024

New Patent: Cameras Automatically Focus on Performers During Shows

Patent US11889188B1 presents a novel solution to a common problem in the field of video production and live performances. The problem being addressed is the difficulty of consistently and accurately focusing cameras on performers during shows or events. This patent introduces a computer program product and method that automates the process of camera focusing on selected individuals who are the performers in a venue.

The core problem arises due to the limitations of existing technology. In most cases, capturing video footage of live performances relies on fixed-focus webcams or manual camera operators. However, these approaches often result in suboptimal video quality and fail to provide equal attention to all performers on stage. Multiple camera operators or expensive specially outfitted auditoriums are required to achieve satisfactory results.

The patent's solution addresses this problem by utilizing special tags that indicate the position of the performers. These tags are detected by one or more cameras placed strategically throughout the venue. The cameras then adjust their focus automatically to ensure that the performers are always in sharp focus, regardless of their movements on stage.

The introduction of this technology will revolutionize the way live performances are captured and viewed. With the implementation of this patent, video production will become more inclusive and equal, providing every performer with their deserved spotlight. The automated focusing system will eliminate the need for human camera operators and expensive auditorium modifications, making it more accessible and cost-effective.

Imagine attending a music concert where the cameras seamlessly follow each performer's movements, capturing their every expression and dance move with precision. Similarly, in a theater production, the cameras will adaptively focus on each actor or actress, ensuring their every remarkable performance is immortalized. This technology will enhance the overall viewing experience, as viewers can closely follow their favorite artists without any visual distractions.

It is important to note that while this patent presents an innovative solution, its implementation in the market is uncertain. The path from patent to a market-ready product involves various factors, including feasibility, market demand, and commercialization considerations. However, if successful, this technological development has the potential to revolutionize the way live performances are captured and cherished.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is based on patent US11889188B1. The commercial availability of the patent's technology is subject to further development, feasibility, and market demands.

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