Patent published on August 17, 2023

Quantum Storey Books: Adding Magic to Storytime with Fun 3D Games


In a significant leap forward for book lovers everywhere, A Big Chunk of Mud, the company behind the groundbreaking Quantum Storey Books, has recently been granted patent number US20230260225A1 that promises to revolutionize storytime.

The innovation aims to create a more immersive and interactive reading experience. Imagine being able to dive into your favorite book, interact with the characters in their world, and be a part of the storyline. This patent specifically is designed to accomplish such a feat, using advanced live video technology to add elements of a 3D interactive video game into a physical book.

The common reader would agree that the usual physical publications are limited in their ability to fully engage the reader beyond just stimulating their imagination. However, now technology is closing that gap. The patent leverages computer-simulated reality, or simpler terms, uses computers to build a make-believe world that can overlap with our reality. This cutting-edge approach adds an additional layer of interaction that offers readers a chance to step into the shoes of their favorite characters and experience the storyline firsthand.

For many, books are a means to escape reality and immerse oneself in different worlds, characters, or storylines. Quantum Storey Books are designed to bolster this experience by creating a 2D and 3D animated world where the reader can virtually step in. This is not merely an evolution from traditional books to e-books; it’s shaping up to be a revolution of reader interaction.

The patent stems from addressing the limitations present in existing Augmented Reality (AR) technology used in books. While AR has brought a refreshing interaction to book reading, it falls short of providing a seamless transition into Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. This groundbreaking patent fills these gaps by dynamically shifting between AR and VR thereby deepening the engagement with the book's content.

Moreover, the innovation goes even further by revolutionizing the production and distribution of these immersive books. Using advanced tracking and production templates along with a streamlined asset creation and update process, the system ensures a high level of quality control with reduced production overhead.

The experience is significantly enhanced by technology akin to 'computer vision', which enables the system to recognize real-world objects and images through a camera installed in a mobile device. The assets- the virtual elements - can be hosted in an app or dynamically served from a website. The server enables storing and delivering large amounts of data digitally, keeping the framework updated with the latest interactive assets.

Yet despite all the dazzling features, it's worth mentioning that this patent only provides the blueprint for the technology. As exciting as the prospects are, there is no guarantee these Quantum Storey Books will be made available in the market. However, it does showcase the enormous potential and the direction where future reading experiences might be headed.

Hold tight on to your imaginations because the next chapter might just blur the lines between reality and fiction, adding a dash of wonder into storytime with the help of some 3D fun.

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