Patent published on September 19, 2023

Bitwave's Patent: Smarter Helmet Reduces Noise, Increases Safety

The noisiness of our living and working environments can be a real issue. Whether you're on a construction site, riding a motorcycle, or simply living in a bustling city, noise pollution is a reality that many of us face. It is a problem that mitigates concentration, heightens stress, and in extreme cases can lead to hearing loss. Up till now, the solutions we've had have been imperfect at best.

Enter Bitwave's patent (US11765493B2), a smart solution for the issue long ignored. Bitwave's invention is a helmet with an in-built set of headphones that promotes both safety and clarity.

Many of us have used headphones to block out surrounding noise. What is innovative about Bitwave's approach is that they have embraced the necessity of safety and integrated a noise cancelling headphone set into a helmet. Now, not only will your head be protected, your ears will be too. The mechanism is simple and user-friendly. The headphones inside the helmet adhere to it via a magnet and there is an adjustable switch that can modify the magnetic strength, thereby altering the proximity of the headphones to the helmet.

However, before we all start rejoicing, it's important to stress that Bitwave's smart helmet is yet to hit the market. Patenting is the first step of many before an invention is available for public use. Turning an idea into a reality is a process fraught with hurdles, not least of which are manufacturing, regulation hurdles and market competition.

Yet the potential of such a product is immense. Think of all the motorcycle riders who could benefit from safer, noise reduced journeys. It could also be a game-changer on construction sites, where communicating amid loud machinery can be a challenge. Those working in law enforcement could hear better over city commotion, helping them perform their duties.

Despite all its potential, there are drawbacks. Like all electronics, power is a fundamental necessity, implying that regular battery replacements or constant recharging will be unavoidable. But considering the benefits, it might be a small price to pay.

So there is hope on the horizon for those of us dealing with the constant onslaught of noise. In the meantime, while we wait for this promising solution to become reality, let's continue doing our best to find peace in the noise. After all, innovation is a process and Bitwave's patent (US11765493B2) is just the beginning.

P.S.: Given the current stage of its development, it's just as important to remember that being a patented invention is not a guarantee that it will appear in the market anytime soon, or at all.

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