Patent published on September 14, 2023

New Patent Could Make Your Dishwasher Obey Your Phone: A look at BSH Hausgeräte's Home Connect App

In a world that's rapidly gravitating towards technology, gadgets, and more specifically, smart devices, we are beginning to demand more flexibility and ease-of-use in our daily tasks. One big problem many of us face lies in our everyday, monotonous, chores. For instance, having had a long tiring day at work, coming home to load up the dishwasher can be quite a downer, especially if you've forgotten to turn it on before you leave the house, only to come back to dirty utensils! How wonderful it would be to manage your dishwasher from wherever you are, just by using your phone

Well, thanks to a promising patent by BSH Hausgeräte, a home appliance company, with the patent number US20230291800A1, that exact fantasy might soon turn into a reality. The patent outlines a method to synchronize your washer with your phone through their "Home Connect App", allowing you to operate your dishwasher from virtually anywhere.

Such a seemingly insignificant issue can become taxing over time. Alongside adding another task to an already full plate, it further disrupts the efficiency of kitchen operations, especially when you have guests over or in special situations when you have more dishes to clean than your dishwasher can hold.

The patent by BSH Hausgeräte solves this issue by proposing a connection between your dishwasher and your phone. The idea is to make your phone understand your dishwasher as a part of its own system, thereby gaining control of the appliance. You would be able to control your dishwasher using an app on your phone, giving you the flexibility to manage your dishwasher from almost anywhere.

Imagine a world free from the shackles of worrying about mundane chores; a tomorrow where technology has streamlined our everyday tasks to be controlled by a mere touch on your phone. This would mean a meal could be prepared without needing to worry about loading the dishwasher immediately or rushing back home to turn it on. You could easily manage it all from your phone, thereby saving you time, energy and reducing the stress of managing household chores.

The idea behind figures in the proposal illustrates a variety of scenarios. These images depict systems featuring home appliances and mobile devices, communicating through wireless data connection, methods for controlling a home appliance, and much more. These figures are a testament to the real-life practicality and applicability of this patented idea.

To conclude, the concept proposed by BSH Hausgeräte appears to be an exciting innovation. However, it's crucial to remember that while patents are a vital step towards new technology, they are not a guarantee that the technology will hit the market. Only the future can tell us whether this patent will revolutionize the way we perform our household chores.

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