Patent published on August 24, 2023

Canon's New Patent Might Revolutionize Selfies and Motion Photography

When it comes to photography, blur can be the arch-nemesis of the perfect shot, especially when it involves capturing a moving subject. Patent number US20230269488A1 hails from the creatives at CANON KABUSHIKI KAISHA, and it has been created to fend off this very enemy: unexpected motion blur.

A universal problem faced by photographers and photo-enthusiast alike, is the unintentional blurry result that comes hand-in-hand with snapping a high-speed moving object or taking that perfect selfie. This tricky situation can escalate when you are attempting to capture your moments single-handedly. Such a nuisance can discourage many potential photographers from chasing their passion or capturing precious moments in their finest detail.

Canon's innovative patent proposes a solution that aims to reduce blur, even in complex situations like unattended image capturing or selfies. The secret weapon? A radical smart camera system that processes how an object is moving, along with an attached mobile gadget that can sense more about the motion. The camera system then uses this double dose of information to adjust brightness and tailor the camera settings for the best possible image.

This could potentially open a new era of crystal-clear selfies, action shots, and breathtaking moments captured perfectly. Picture yourself rock climbing, the camera could allow you to take blur-free, high-quality action shots or selfies while you're on the move. Even in day-to-day life, from children playing to pets jumping, this invention could revolutionize the way we capture those fleeting moments.

Yet it's important to remember that filing a patent doesn't necessarily mean that Canon will bring this invention to market. Patents are a way to protect a concept or invention, not a guarantee of a finished product. However, should Canon decide to proceed, this patent could potentially redraw the boundaries of motion photography and change how we capture our favorite moments.

P.S: Please be reminded, this is based on a recently published patent, which means we're still some way off from this product - if it ever becomes one - appearing on the shelves of our favorite tech shops.

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