Patent published on September 14, 2023

Capital One's New Patent: Smart Bracelet That Flags Unwanted Items Near You

The core problem being solved by patent US20230290243A1, “Condition-responsive wearable gadget for sensing and indicating proximity of an article with a specific characteristic” by Capital One Services, might at first seem right out of a science fiction book, but it is grounded in today's reality. It grapples with our struggle to monitor and avoid certain items around us that are not conducive to our interests, health, or beliefs.

This dilemma crops up daily. An athlete striving for peak performance levels need to combat the temptation of indulging in food items high in saturated fats. Or consider an individual practicing a religion that prohibits the consumption of specific types of food. How can they be absolutely certain the items they consume are free of those forbidden ingredients? The issue escalates if we ponder on our inability to cross-verify every detail of everything we interact with. Until now, our existing systems have limitations in informing us about the very specifics of articles we wish to dodge. Moreover, the accuracy of our current systems in determining the particular articles we want to avoid at any given moment is limited, which indeed is a pitfall in the current times of hyper-personalization and instantaneous information.

Capital One's patent aims to resolve this problem with a wearable gadget that senses and informs the user of their proximity to specifically undesired items. This smart wristband comes equipped with sensors that can detect articles and users within a predetermined distance. The band obtains information about the 'characteristic information' of nearby items and the user. It then contrasts this information with 'predefined characteristic information' affiliated with the user. If a mismatch is detected, the band releases an alarm - saving the user from a potential undesired encounter.

Imagining a world where this technology is a norm, future users of this smart wristband will be better equipped to maintain their individual standpoints, health measures, or religious practices. For instance, a person with a specific allergy could avoid eating foods that contain the allergen. This device essentially acts as a barrier between users and potential health hazards or undesirable encounters. Successfully locating and warding off the unwanted things will inevitably make our daily navigation smoother and safer.

P.S. Remember, while this patent might paint a picture of a future where wearable tech can help us avoid undesirable encounters, it is only a patent. It is no guarantee that such a technology will enter the market. Thus, for the time being, continue to exercise caution and double-check everything as per your unique need and situation.

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