Patent published on August 8, 2023

CMLight: Your Personal Text Message Coach for a Healthier Lifestyle

Introducing "," a potential game-changer in fostering healthy practices. This patent application was recently laid out, under the number US11722857B2, by tech healthcare firm CAREMESSAGE. The new software revolutionizes personal health campaigns by combining modern technology's ease and the personalized touch of coaching through text messages.

At present, health and wellness programs mostly follow a one-size-fits-all approach, targeting broad demographics without specific focus on individual needs and preferences. This can often lead to campaigns which, for instance, promote a diet suitable for a lover of Mexican cuisine but utterly miss the mark for an enthusiast of Italian food.

However, in a world where 28% of emails are read within minutes and left unanswered, a novel solution is needed. CMLight, represented through a series of diagrams, has been developed to bridge this gap, aiming to enhance engagement and efficiency in health programs by providing tailored text messages.

CMLight makes use of the convenience and immediacy of text messages to help you stay on track with your health goals. By interacting with users and understanding their responses, it will dispatch personalized messages that not only focus on the individual's health but correspond to their lifestyle and preferences.

Consider it a modern, tech-friendly equivalent of a fitness coach that uses text messages to motivate, suggest diets, remind you of your exercise schedule, or just to check in to see how you are doing. The proposed software uses a campaign program tool, symbolized as a decision tree across multiple figures, to structure user-specific messages, thus making the program more interactive and effective.

However, as with all inventions mentioned in patent applications, it should be noted that there's no guarantee that CMLight will make it to the consumer market. The patent application is preliminary, and the actual product might differ or never be released. Yet it stands as a testament to CAREMESSAGE's commitment to promoting healthier habits using cutting-edge technology. The patent US11722857B2 certainly opens up significant possibilities for the field of interactive health campaigns.

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