Patent published on August 10, 2023

Making Presentations Easier with Citrix Workspace: A Peek into the Future of Virtual Meetings

With the rise of virtual meetings and work-from-home culture, Citrix Systems is determined to not be left behind. The company has been issued a new patent, number US20230251809A1, for a unique technology that could redefine how digital meetings and presentations are handled in the future.

The patented technology revolves around creating an innovative computer system to streamline presentations. In simple terms, it's a system that allows the speaker to clearly see notes on their screen while simultaneously delivering a presentation. It ensures the speaker is looking directly at the camera, creating an illusion of direct eye-contact with the audience. This use of extended reality technology also provides a virtual indication of where the camera is positioned.

Usually, speakers may find themselves slightly diverted from their presentation, glancing at notes or ancillary screens for further content or guidance. This invention displays the speaker's notes or documents in the extended reality environment, reducing the need for additional teleprompters or placing cameras near display devices. All the necessary content is available within the single extended reality environment, ensuring the speaker appears to focus on the presentation slide or the camera only.

Figures present alongside the patent, such as Figure 1, provides an overview of the intricate computer system architecture. Figure 2 illustrates an extended reality device that may be used in this setup. Further figures showcase the complex deep neural network architecture for the model, how an extended reality device connects to a server, examples of different camera positions, and flow charts representing the handling of notifications within the extended reality environment.

This technology has a prominent advantage over traditional methods of implementing presentation notes. It eliminates the need for additional devices and does not require the speaker to shift around or reconfigure their workspace. It provides them with the opportunity to refer to notes while maintaining the image of eye contact with the audience.

It's important to note that this patent might be slated for integration into Citrix Workspace, the company’s flagship product. While it promises a significant upgrade in the world of virtual presentations, remember this is merely a patent issued to Citrix Systems. It does not ensure the product's imminent arrival in the market. Patents are indeed a peek into the future of any industry, but the reality of their market application remains uncertain until launch officially by the company.

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