Patent published on March 12, 2024

Citrix Systems Patents Device to Display Virtual Notes in XR Environments

Citrix Systems, a renowned technology company, has recently been granted a patent for a groundbreaking invention that addresses a common issue faced by speakers in extended reality (XR) environments. The patent, titled "Information orientation and display in extended reality environments" with the number US11928379B2, introduces a device capable of displaying virtual notes in a specially designed computer screen.

The core problem being solved by this patent is the challenge faced by speakers in XR environments when they need to refer to their notes while presenting. Often, these speakers are required to maintain eye contact with a camera, which makes it difficult for them to access their notes without diverting their gaze away from the camera. This can result in a disengaged presentation and decreased audience interaction.

The patent tackles this issue by introducing a device that leverages the capabilities of XR technology. It includes a computer that can detect the position of the camera in the room and capture images to determine the speaker's orientation. Using this information, the device can display virtual notes in the XR environment at a location that allows the speaker to maintain eye contact with the camera while referencing their notes.

This innovative solution eliminates the need for dedicated teleprompters or other complex setups, enabling speakers to seamlessly integrate their notes into their presentations without reconfiguring their workspace. With this invention, speakers can refer to their notes while looking directly at the camera, maintaining eye contact and engagement with their audience.

Once this problem is effectively solved by Citrix Systems' patented device, it is expected that the world of XR presentations will undergo a significant transformation. Speakers will be able to deliver more polished and confident presentations, maintaining a connected and engaging experience for the audience.

Imagine a university professor using this invention during a virtual lecture. They can effortlessly refer to their notes while directly engaging with the camera, creating a more intimate and immersive learning experience for their remote students. In a corporate setting, this device can enhance remote meetings by allowing presenters to smoothly incorporate their presentation materials while maintaining a strong connection with participants.

It's important to note that, as with any patent, there is no certainty whether this particular invention will appear in the market. However, the potential impact of this technology cannot be understated. By addressing a fundamental problem in XR environments, Citrix Systems has paved the way for more seamless and engaging presentations, revolutionizing the way we interact and communicate in virtual spaces.

In conclusion, Citrix Systems has secured a patent for a device that displays virtual notes in XR environments, solving a significant problem faced by speakers in these settings. This invention promises to enhance presentations and create a more engaging and immersive experience for both speakers and their audiences. While the impact of this patent remains to be seen, the potential transformation it brings to the realm of XR presentations is undeniable.

P.S. Please note that this article discusses a recently published patent from Citrix Systems (patent number US11928379B2). As with any patent, there is no guarantee that this invention will be commercially available in the future.

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