Patent published on September 28, 2023

CogConverse AI Patent: Simplifying Humanlike Conversations with Bots

In contemporary society, where the rapid pace of technological advancements often walk hand in hand with a rising craving for immediacy and efficiency, conversation predictability comes forth as a subtle yet irksome stumbling block. Artificial Intelligence (AI), with its astounding ability to mirror human dialogue, seemed the perfect answer to it. However, the reality turned out to be less so. Creating a conversational AI capable of seamlessly interacting like a human, able to navigate the complexity of language and unpredictable turns of conversation, is a problem technologists are striving to resolve. The patent US20230306962A1 appears set to tackle this issue head-on.

This issue surfaces when customers interact with AI customer support systems. Expecting a smooth and coherent interaction, customers are often left exasperated when they have inquiries off the typical, pre-set customer service pathway but have no way to communicate this, leading to increased frustration and potential loss of business. This challenge stems from the existing AI systems' inability to handle conversations when they stray from the pre-determined path.

COGNIUS AI's innovative patent US20230306962A1, titled "SYSTEM AND A METHOD TO CREATE CONVERSATIONAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE", addresses this perpetuating issue. It breaks down the conversation into smaller, manageable sub-conversation units. Thereby effectively handling exceptions and variations in the conversation. The system can predict, respond, switch topics, and revert to the initial dialogue framework with a hitherto unheard-of ease, mirroring a human-like conversation flow.

Envisage, for instance, a user trying to book a hotel room using an AI support system. The user, while in the booking process, decides to check the cancellation policy. This action, which would previously throw the system off, can now be smoothly handled by the AI, which can guide them to the required information and then effortlessly return to the booking process, all the while maintaining a fluid and coherent conversation.

This patent brings with it the promise of revolutionizing the liaison between humans and AI. We are transported into a future where human-like interaction with technology becomes the norm, not the exception. An AI that can replicate the flair of human conversation can dramatically transform various sectors from customer support to virtually anywhere where human interaction is an essential component.

Undoubtedly, the prediction of human discussion and responses, while not perfect, will make AI more engaging and genuinely helpful in daily life. As we peer into this future, we must remember that this, like all patents, is theoretical and its effective implementation in the market remains unpredictable.

P.S. As with all patents, the market application of the system described in patent US20230306962A1 would depend on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, market acceptance, technological feasibility, and economic viability. It is important to note that although patents offer us a tantalizing glimpse into potential technological advancements, there is no guarantee of a patent becoming a market reality."].

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