Patent published on April 11, 2024

CoinCircle's Patent Revolutionizes In-Person Transactions with Sound

Innovative Patent Revolutionizes In-Person Transactions with Sound-Based Technology

A groundbreaking patent, titled "CONTACTLESS IN-PERSON TRANSACTION VIA HIGH FREQUENCY SOUND" (patent number US20240121012A1), presents a novel solution to a persistent problem in today's digital transaction landscape. This patent, developed by CoinCircle, introduces a cutting-edge system that utilizes high-frequency sound waves to facilitate secure and platform-agnostic transaction requests between devices equipped with speakers and/or microphones.

In our increasingly digital world, contactless transactions have become the norm, replacing the need for physical interaction during payments. However, existing contactless payment platforms often suffer from limitations and challenges that hinder their widespread adoption. For instance, certain platforms impose fees for transactions, while others restrict users to specific devices provided by the platform. These factors create an environment where competition is stifled, impeding innovation and limiting consumer choice.

Furthermore, implementing transaction requests through protocols like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi can result in an unpleasant user experience and encounter technological hurdles set up by dominant payment platforms. Additionally, the use of these protocols often restricts communication to close proximity, sometimes as limited as within 6 inches. This proximity barrier serves both as a physical deterrent and a social challenge for potential man-in-the-middle attacks, where an attacker intercepts and alters the transaction request.

The CoinCircle patent addresses these issues by introducing a revolutionary transaction request protocol that leverages high-frequency sound as a data transport medium. Unlike existing platforms, this protocol is designed to be platform-agnostic, enabling it to function with any device equipped with a speaker and/or microphone. By transcending technological constraints and offering a cross-platform standard, this system paves the way for seamless and inclusive transaction experiences.

Importantly, the patent incorporates robust security features to mitigate any vulnerabilities to malicious attacks, particularly man-in-the-middle attacks. Even in the event of such an attack, the malicious party would only be able to pay the bill of the person they are attempting to target. Additionally, the high-frequency nature of the sound utilized in this system inherently limits its propagation range, making remote attacks impractical and easily detectable.

Once implemented, this technology could revolutionize in-person transactions, offering convenience, flexibility, and enhanced security. Consider a scenario where individuals meet at a restaurant to split a bill. Instead of relying on various payment platforms or cash, they can simply use their devices equipped with CoinWave, the potential product built on this patent. By playing a specific sound representing the payment request, the receiving device seamlessly processes the transaction without the need for physical contact or platform dependencies.

Furthermore, this technology could extend beyond payment transactions. In various industries such as retail, hospitality, and transportation, high-frequency sound-based transactions can eliminate the need for physical cards, reducing the risk of loss, theft, or misplacement. This system has the potential to simplify transactions and enhance the overall user experience across a wide array of scenarios.

However, it is important to note that this patent does not guarantee its immediate appearance in the market. While the technology showcased in this patent holds immense promise, the ultimate decision regarding its implementation rests with the patent holder. Nonetheless, the potential impact of this innovation underscores its significance and warrants attention from both industry professionals and consumers alike.

In conclusion, CoinCircle's patent for CONTACTLESS IN-PERSON TRANSACTION VIA HIGH FREQUENCY SOUND introduces an inventive solution to current challenges faced in the realm of contactless transactions. By employing sound as a secure and flexible data transport medium, this patent has the potential to redefine in-person transactions, providing an inclusive, convenient, and secure experience across various industries.

P.S. It is important to note that this article is based on a patent, and there is no certainty as to whether or when this technology will be commercially available.

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