Patent published on October 3, 2023

New Patent Could Make Adding Effects to Photos and Videos a Cinch with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

In the realm of digital imagery, a new patent (US11775159B1) from Corel, the company behind the graphics software CorelDRAW, is promising to make adding effects to photos and videos significantly easier and fun.

The problem with existing color selection interfaces on image and video editing platforms is the limitation of being able to select just one color at a time for brush strokes, animations, and other effects. If, say, a user wants a graphic element to change from yellow to red over the course of a second, the process would require intensive frame by frame color adjustments. This tedious task demands not only a vast amount of time but also substantial knowledge of color progressions.

Considering the challenge, Corel's new patent for “Methods and Systems for Generating Graphical Content Through Easing and Paths” provides a brilliant solution. It is essentially a tool that allows users to simply define a color trajectory or a 'color path' for a graphical element as a separate entity. This becomes revolutionary in that the Graphic Editing System (GES) and Graphics Editing Application Platform (GEAP) can automatically apply this color trajectory in creating the final digital content. This process does not require the user to understand the granular changes of color per frame, saving both time and effort.

In the world transformed by this new patented technology, users now have the ability to modify graphic elements automatically over a period of time within a video clip or throughout an image sequence. This invention is highly user-friendly and intuitive, eliminating the need for repetitive, manual labor for each frame.

For example, a digital advertiser wanting to create a visually stunning promotional video could use this technology to change the color palette dynamically throughout the sequence with minimal effort. Similarly, photographers, having shot a series of photos under different lighting conditions, can now easily apply desired color effects across all photos at once.

However, it is crucial for the readers to recognize that this is a patented technology, meaning it's not yet part of any existing software available in the market. Patents provide an exclusive right for an invention, giving the patent holder the legal authority to prevent others from making, using, or selling it. Nevertheless, if and when this patent gets integrated into software like CorelDRAW, it has the potential to significantly simplify and enrich the user experience in digital imagery.

P.S. As this is a patented technology, there's no guarantee it will hit the market soon or at all, but the promise it holds for the future of digital visuals is certainly captivating.

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