Patent published on January 30, 2024

DAACI's Patent Revolutionizes Music Composition Program

In a groundbreaking move that promises to revolutionize the music industry, DAACI has recently been granted a patent for its generative composition program, titled "Generative composition with defined form atom heuristics" (US11887568B2). This program aims to solve a significant problem that has hindered the effective automated generation of "good" music – the issue of "form."

The core problem being addressed by this patent is the challenge of automating the composition of music that follows a specific narrative or emotional context. Traditional generative music compilers, although capable of generating chords and melodies, often lack creativity and the ability to manipulate compositional content. As a result, they produce compositions that sound repetitive and lack the desired musical texture. This diminishes the user experience and limits the usability of such software.

The DAACI patent addresses this problem by introducing a system that analyzes existing tonal and non-tonal music to identify and parse "Form Atoms" of varying lengths. These Form Atoms represent the smallest meaningful snippets or elements of musical content with boundary conditions and compositional properties. By utilizing these Form Atoms and their mathematical relationships, the program can automatically select and concatenate compatible musical sections to create a new generative composition that adheres to good musical form.

The patent's innovation lies in its ability to provide consistent evaluation of signal components, ensuring that the generative composition maintains good form and stimulates the brain's reward centers. By focusing on the relationships between chords rather than just the sequencing of specific chords, the program creates compositions that are diverse, musically relevant, and emotionally resonating.

Imagine a future where composers and non-musically skilled individuals can use this program to generate tailor-made music that aligns perfectly with a specific narrative or emotional context. Filmmakers would no longer need to rely on existing tracks or spend hours searching for suitable music. Instead, they can provide a brief to the generative composition program and receive a composition that delivers precisely what they envisioned.

In the gaming industry, a tailored sound experience could enhance the player's immersion by reflecting the emotional or physical conditions of the in-game avatar. Currently, games provide generic soundtracks that may not resonate with the player's emotions or add depth to the gameplay experience. With the DAACI program, the generative sound experience can be dynamically generated on-the-fly, creating a unique and immersive gameplay journey for each player.

While the DAACI generative composition program holds immense promise, it is important to note that this patent is not a guarantee of its appearance in the market. The program's efficacy and usability will require rigorous testing and refinement before it can be utilized by musicians, filmmakers, and game developers.

In conclusion, DAACI's patent for the generative composition program represents a significant innovation in the music industry. By addressing the problem of "form" in generative music composition, this program has the potential to transform the way music is created across various mediums. Whether it's composing soundtracks for movies or enhancing the gaming experience, the DAACI program opens up new possibilities for automated generative composition in a way that is musically satisfying and creatively stimulating.

P.S. It is important to note that a patent does not guarantee the immediate appearance of a product in the market. While DAACI's generative composition program holds great potential, its actual implementation and availability to the public are subject to further development and business considerations.

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