Patent published on August 31, 2023

DataVault's New Patent Could Revolutionize Online Approvals

In today's digital world, the challenge of managing and making the best use of personal data is one many companies grapple with. US20230274287A1, the newly published patent from Data Vault Holdings, could potentially revolutionize how this problem is solved.

The core issue here is the extensive use of pay per click (PPC) and pay per view (PPV) models, among others, in advertising. The problem with these models is their inefficiency, high cost, and often inaccurate targeting because they rely heavily on 'best guess' or inferred decisions. This has resulted in substantial waste and low returns on advertising campaigns.

Data Vault's innovation comes as a breath of fresh air in this landscape. It's a digital platform that makes use of a digital stamp or 'token', verified by a trusted source, to ensure the authenticity of the person or entity involved. What makes this platform even more unique is its use of blockchain—a decentralized and highly secure method of storing data—which enables any form of currency to be exchanged for data access.

This novel idea of using tokens helps ensure the completeness of data by motivating users to provide accurate and real-time data. In turn, this enhances the value provided to advertisers and leads to higher conversion rates, making existing models like PPC and PPV seem obsolete.

Once this problem of inefficient and costly advertising models is solved, the advertising and marketing world could look much different. For example, imagine searching for a product online and only getting personalized recommendations from trusted sources, instead of being bombarded with a barrage of irrelevant or poorly targeted ads.

DataVault's technology is designed to give better control to users over how their data is used. It essentially puts a price tag on personal data and enables its owners to earn monetary benefits from sharing their data. Just thinking about the broader implications, this could turn the world of online advertising on its head, empowering the very people who have been mere statistics until now.

Needless to say, this technology would also immensely benefit advertisers. With access to user-verified and real-time data, their campaigns could be a lot more tailored and precise, thus increasing the chances of successful conversions.

In closing, it's important to remind that the aforementioned system is currently in the patent stages with patent number, US20230274287A1, and there is no certain guarantee that it will be made available in the market. However, the potential impact this could have on how we manage and use personal data is indeed thought-provoking.

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