Patent published on October 12, 2023

DefiQ's New Patent Could Make Giddy Wallet Unhackable and Easily Recoverable

In a world where digital wallets have become the norm, more and more people are falling victim to catastrophic losses stemming from hacking incidents or simply forgetting a crucial password. The private key, a unique identifier that provides access to one's digital stack, has always been that Achilles’ heel. Lose it or have it stolen, and you’ve lost your digital fortune.

A recently submitted patent (US20230325815A1) by DefiQ aims to put an end to this problem. Their idea is innovative yet straightforward: divide your important private key into multiple secure ‘parts’ – much like breaking a code into smaller, manageable chunks. Each part is then securely stored in different locations, such as behind a password, fingerprint, or even a social media account.

Why snip a key into pieces? It's the problem of balance. A private key must be aggressively guarded from hackers, but it shouldn't be so well-hidden that the owner risks losing it. Losing the key means losing access to the account, with no way to retrieve it. The invention helps to strike a balance – keeping the private key safe, ready for transactions, yet not wholly present in one place.

This innovative approach means the private key only appears as a complete entity for a fleeting moment when a transaction takes place. The key never ventures across the internet in its entirety, with only a subset of the 'parts' being retrieved via a network connection. This system significantly reduces the risk of compromise via hacking.

In everyday usage, imagine how much easier and safer it would be to access your Giddy Wallet App. Even if you forget your password, there's a fail-safe: an extra piece hidden on a secure server. This kind of backup ensures you can retrieve your key without resorting to desperate measures, all without compromising the security of your wallet.

The exciting aspect of this patent is that it is about giving control back to users. You can engage in digital transactions without fear. Forget losing sleep over forgotten passwords or hackers. The technology is designed to empower the user without adding unnecessary layers of complexity to the transaction process.

However, it is worth mentioning that all the above is based on a patent. There's no surefire guarantee it'll make its way into the market, given the intricacies and potential roadblocks in the patent approval process. If approved and implemented, this could, nonetheless, revolutionize the way we handle and protect our digital wallets.

P.S. As said earlier, this is a patent, and there is no guarantee whether it will appear in the market or not. But if it does, it could certainly be a game-changer in digital wallet security.

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