Patent published on June 7, 2017

How DJI’s drones will take your pet for a walk?

Over a period of time, drones have evolved and now are becoming part of every walk of our lives. These machines are doing things beyond one’s thoughts.

Recently, for example, DJI has got a patent granted which says that now a drone will be able to take your pet for a walk. DJI’s drones are quite popular for powerful and quality features. Their drones have abilities to record a 5K video, flying up to the speed of 94km/h with a range of 7km.

The pet monitoring drone is designed to control your pet’s movement in a set area.

DJI drone picAs per the patent, the drone will prevent your pet from walking on a road with heavy traffic as you can set an area of your choice. Whenever your pet will go stray, it will play your recorded instructions or will play your recorded video.

An arm length leash will help the drone control your pet. Moreover, it will batten down the hatches whenever it feels your pet trying to push off to get off the hook.

Say, if your pet tries escaping the set area, the drone will give a light punishment – a shock through the leash – to the pet.

dji drone for pet walking


I think this feature is a must-have – this drone will not let your pet potty on anyone’s garden. And just in case your pet poops somewhere, the drone will save the location so that you can…. you know what I mean!

The drone also has a mechanical arm to pick and dump that into a trashcan – a good news for you!

BTW, did you know that Sony is working on a drone to make your running session interesting?

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