Patent published on August 8, 2023

Discover How Similar You Are to Your Friends - DNANUDGE's New NudgeBand Lets You Compare Your Personal Traits Easily

"Are you and your buddy as alike as two peas in a pod or as distinct as chalk and cheese? Thanks to the innovative ideas of DNANUDGE, you could soon have the ability to compare your individual traits with the sweep of your wrist.

A patent, numbered US11720659B2, recently published by DNANUDGE, showcases an inventive method and device that allows people to match their biological data through portable devices like wristbands or smartphones. This novel invention, termed as the 'NudgeBand', may potentially revolutionize social interactions.

In today's world where we regularly check our heart rates or step count on wrist-worn gadgets, the NudgeBand proposes to take it a step further by analyzing individual biological traits and comparing them with others. Suppose you want to know if you and your friend both carry a gene that gives you a shared love of spicy food or you both carry the gene that determines your hair type, the NudgeBand allows for a fun and easy comparison.

However, while the idea of comparing unique genetic traits seems thrilling, the understanding and use of the genetic data have posed problems due to its abstract nature. Moreover, privacy issues will always accompany the exchange of such personal data.

DNANUDGE, in its patent, addresses the importance of safeguarding privacy. Their proposed feature is to allow users to decide which traits they want to compare, providing the ability to control their personal information.

This 'share and compare' method can provide a lighthearted social experience and open a pathway to better understanding ourselves. When two users have a match in their biological data, it may enhance their social bond or act as a conversation starter. Moreover, this awareness about their bio-identity may encourage users to make health-conscious and lifestyle decisions.

However, bear in mind that while this patent for the NudgeBand is surely exciting, it's important to remember that this is just a blueprint. Patents are often filed by companies to protect their ideas but not all of them materialize into products we can purchase. So while we wait in anticipation to measure our biological similarities with our friends, please remember that this device exists, for now, only in the pages of a patent."

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