Patent published on August 10, 2023

Dolby Dimension Headphones to Make Sounds Personal: Something New for Your Ears!

In a bold and imaginative step into tomorrow's world, Dolby Laboratories are undertaking what we are calling a "Hearing Makeover". Through a recently released US patent number: US20230254660A1, the well-known company seeks to push the boundaries of how we listen to sound, promising to make it personal and immersive.

Their new venture centers around a distinctive system tailored specifically for each user, pulling out all the stops to provide each ear exactly what it has been craving. A brilliant invention, if ever there was one, this advanced system ingeniously uses your very own personal blueprint to tune the speakers to your exact needs.

Dolby Laboratories' game-changing technology is designed to work in the realm of Dolby Dimension Headphones, their flagship product. To achieve the desired effect, a series of photographs of your head is taken from various angles while you engage with a device. These snapshots are then used to tweak the sound from the headphones, providing an audio experience that feels tailored just for you.

However, the technology's scope isn't limited to just the magic of personal sound delivery. The patent application reveals valuable data on how this system can rectify common problems linked with tracking the positions of objects or users in a digital environment. One such problem is that drift errors in many devices result in discrepancies between what the user sees and what they hear.

The patent states that this new system will be able to precisely keep track of spatial information on objects or users in six degrees of freedom (6DoF). It means that, irrespective of the movement or degree to which the objects or users change positions or orientations, this system can keep pace, providing a seamless and intuitive audio experience.

The proposed plan appears to be a promising direction for not just audio enthusiasts but for a wider tech audience as well. The patent suggests that the technology can significantly revamp the media consumption experience across various realms, including but not limited to video teleconferencing, computer games, audiovisual playback, and even virtual and augmented reality.

The patent also details techniques that can enhance the experience of gamers, essentially taking the concept of immersive gaming to the next level with "hands-free" sound settings and other features. For instance, simple head or body movements detected through user tracking can be used to change the audio settings in the game.

In theory, all these elements work towards the ultimate goal: to provide a transformative, customised listening experience that adapts and evolves with each user. However, it remains uncertain as to when or if this patent will be transformed into an active product on the market. So, hold your breath, and your ears, for there might indeed be "Something New for Your Ears!" just around the corner.

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