Patent published on September 19, 2023

Patent Promises: DraftKings Sportsbook Could Record Your Bet Games Automatically

While modern technology has significantly enhanced our entertainment experience, it falls short in some areas, one of them being the automatic recording of content based on user interests or activities. More so in sports where enthusiasts would like to capture the thrill and adrenaline rush of live games. This problem is what Patent No. US11765434B2 intends to address.

Usually, devices such as cable boxes or set top boxes that receive broadcasts include features that allow content recording. However, routine systems require the user to manually schedule a recording, reducing the adaptability of these broadcast recording systems. In a world where technology is supposed to ease our lives, having to manually input settings to record a live event, like a sport game one bets on, sometimes just doesn't cut it when the goal is to streamline entertainment as much as possible.

DraftKings, a renowned digital sports entertainment and gaming company, aims to fill this gap with a new patent that augments broadcast recording systems' functionalities. In simple words, this invention is like a smart TV system that can detect when a live event you bet on is happening on your device, and then instructs your TV to automatically record that event enabling you to watch it at a later time.

But how is it accomplishing this? The innovation described enlightens us on how it could produce and supply recording instructions based on user input at other computing devices or systems. This breakthrough technology circumvents the need for third-party communications with external sources, such as cable boxes or other broadcast systems. It can generate display instructions for applications operating on broadcast receiver devices to display additional user interfaces seamlessly with the broadcast content.

Imagine this: You're a die-hard Knicks fan and have wagered on their next big match. Due to unforeseen circumstances, you won't be home when the game airs. With this system, your TV will know to record the game for you. The game is now saved, ready for you to enjoy when you have the time.

In the dynamic, fast-paced world of online betting, the ability to not miss out on a game that one has staked on, and watch it with all its excitement at one's convenience is a game changer. This enhancement is not only beneficial for the individual bettors but also for online betting platforms like DraftKings by significantly improving its customer experience.

As exciting as this new technology sounds, it's crucial to remember that this is still a patent. That means there is no guarantee it will ultimately make it to the market. However, if it does, it can significantly change the way we consume sports media, making sure we don't miss a moment of the action.

P.S: Being a patent, there is no surety whether this will appear in the market, change the way we view sports broadcasts and use our broadcasting systems or not.

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