Patent published on August 10, 2023

Play Dress-Up with eBay's Virtual Fitting Room: An Easy and Fun Way to Find Clothes That Fit Perfectly

Shopping for clothes online can be an exciting yet daunting task. The fear of ordering clothes that might not fit perfectly has been an ongoing problem for online shoppers. However, eBay might have come up with a solution. A new patent, numbered US20230251724A1, introduces eBay's inventor and users can refer to this as the 'Virtual Fitting Room.' The concept of this invention is as playful and convenient as a video game.

Similar to a role-playing game, sensors detect your bodily movements, and a representative cartoon version of you on the screen mimics the movements. You can try different clothes on the cartoon, and based on your movements, it determines how the outfit looks on you. If you are not satisfied with the outfit or want to alter it, don't worry, specific movements will help you to customize the outfit according to your preference. This way, the virtual fitting room makes the quest for finding a perfect dress fun and easy.

This unique plan of eBay correlates to the technical arena of data processing, especially three-dimensional (3D) modeling and simulation. The main point of this invention is to make online and in-store garment purchases easy and less time-consuming. The idea can reduce a great deal of effort and resources that users generally put in to figure out the perfect fit.

According to the example embodiments, methods involved in this innovative plan can lessen the use of computing resources. It can bring down the usage of processor cycles, network traffic, memory usage, data storage capacity, and even power consumption.

Figures provided with the patent illustrate numerous processes and methods related to the patent. These include creating and modifying a 3D garment model, how to change a garment based on a gesture, sending a modification request based on a confirmation gesture, determining a modification gesture based on sensor data, and more.

However, it is crucial not to get too excited too soon. Remember, this is just a patent. There is no surety whether this virtual fitting room by eBay will hit the market or not. As fascinating as the idea sounds, one must wait and watch how eBay plans to make it a reality.

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