Patent published on August 8, 2023

ECLYPSES new tech ensures safer online conversations through uncrackable codes

In a world where online privacy seems more elusive each day, ECLYPSES is making a bold stride to ensure safer digital conversations with the introduction of their groundbreaking patent - US11720693B2, potentially leading us into an era where uncrackable codes are the new normal.

Currently, your messages, emails or any data you share online are like parcels delivered through a popular courier. They're well-packaged and generally secure, but there's always a risk of someone tampering with the package or intercepting it. Your phone or computer, just like these packages, can be prone to 'compromise' – a term used when people hack into these devices, leaving their footprint, akin to unauthorized applications and changed settings. Once compromised, these devices could turn into a digital time-bomb, sending unwanted items (like malware and spyware) to other machines.

The method currently widely used, similar to a common lock-and-key mechanism, is also not foolproof. Hackers can find ways to pick the lock by getting hold of the digital keys stored on your device. This is equivalent to leaving your home keys under the doormat – anyone who knows where to look can easily access it. To add to the woes, traditional virus scanners are often blind to such breaches - somewhat like a security guard unable to see a thief who has disguised himself.

ECLYPSES eyes to revolutionize this through their latest innovation, acting like a high-security vault for your data. Their technology takes your information, shatters it into pieces, changes those pieces into special codes – called tokens - and sends it to the other computer. Imagine turning a message into an indecipherable jigsaw puzzle before sending it off. It's only when these tokens reach their destined device that they come back together again, maintaining the communication's integrity.

Interestingly, their patented technology also includes a robust system to spot compromised devices – think of it as a fail-proof burglar alarm. Even if a hacker tries to tamper with the alarm, ECLYPSES' system would turn up a failed test. The enhanced security measure is designed to discard any modified data, maintaining the safety of the receiving device. This means that even if your phone or computer has been compromised, the technology ensures the data does not engender the device it was sent to.

Combining these two features, ECLYPSES brings a double-edged sword to combat digital threats. However, it's crucial to note that while the patent has been published, there's no assurance whether this technology will surface in the market.

The digital space can often feel like a battlefield, where every password shield appears brittle against relentless hacking swords. ECLYPSES' patent promises a brighter future with uncrackable codes and stronger safeguards. But only time will tell when (or if) this innovative technology will become our digital protector.

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