Patent published on August 8, 2023

New Ecolab Apex Rinse Additive: A Miracle Soap that Cleans and Kills Germs in Big Dishwashers

Introducing the "Ecolab Apex Rinse Additive," a proposed solution for commercial dishwashers that has received significant attention following recently published patent US11718813B2. This innovation, created by Ecolab USA, offers a powerful two-in-one sanitizing rinse aid. Forget about just cleaning dishes, this formula can also wipe out germs and bacteria, making it ideal for high-traffic environments such as restaurants or schools.

At the core of its unique package is an amine surfactant, a key component that makes it effective against a range of microbes. But the magic doesn't stop there. This formula doesn't churn out excessive foam, thus avoiding any interference with dishwasher operations.

You might ask, "What's the hitch with existing rinse agents?" Well, the issue has always been spotting. These dishwashers spray water on utensils following the cleaning process to stave off water stain residuals. This is where surfactants kick in; they coat the utensils, enabling water to drain evenly off the surface and hence avoids spotting. However, excessive foam could end up jamming the warewashing machines.

The Ecolab Apex Rinse Additive counters this problem by employing a unique surfactant that can function under various pH levels, making it not just a better cleaner, but also a more versatile sanitizing agent.

But, why should you be interested? The real advantage of this invention is its efficiency and adaptability. According to the patent, this fantastic soap is applicable to both high and low temperature ware washing conditions. Ecolab USA also claims that it can sanitize surfaces by reducing the microbial populations by over 50%! Plus, it does all of this without resorting to chlorine, oxidizers, and some other conventional sanitizing agents.

The company conducted a series of tests (all represented in Figures 1-11) showing their product's efficiency at different pH levels and in different conditions. The results show its exceptional germfighting prowess at neutral and basic detergent pHs.

However, like all patented technologies, this invention is just a blueprint. There's no surefire guarantee that this miracle soap will hit the market shelves soon. But, if it does, this "New Ecolab Apex Rinse Additive" could redefine our concept of cleanliness, bringing us a step closer to a germ-free dishwashing experience. The entire commercial dishwasher industry is eagerly watching, waiting to see how this innovation unfolds.

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