Patent published on September 14, 2023

Elira Wellness Patch Patent Promises to Help Curb Hunger for Weight Loss

Fumbling with increasingly complex and intermittent hunger pangs while being on a diet can demotivate even the most determined among us. More often than not, controlling this unanticipated hunger seems an uphill battle, leading people to go off their diet plan and thus, hampering their weight loss objectives. This problem of uncontrolled appetite has been effectively tackled by a newly patented invention. Throw away all complex stuff and let's take a look at the down-to-earth description of Patent number US20230285745A1.

Most traditional weight management therapies require the assistance of a medical professional to operate devices, incurring frequent hospital visits, and overall inconvenience. What's worse is that certain therapies demand a high amount of energy potentially leading to an uncomfortable experience for the patient. All these issues combined often result in patients quitting the therapy, proving detrimental to their health goals.

What if you could control seemingly untimely hunger signals just by wearing a specially crafted device? This becomes a reality with the newly patented Glucose-Based Modulation of Electrical Stimulation, developed by the company Elira, designed to assist with weight loss. You wear the device, called an Electro-Dermal Patch (EDP), which sends tiny electrical signals through your skin that manipulate the feeling of hunger, thereby helping you adhere to your diet plan more effectively. Think of this like a will-power enhancer to assist your diet regimen.

Another exceptional feature of this patent is its compatibility with another device that tracks your hunger cycle. For instance, if you get hunger alerts more frequently during the afternoons, the EDP device can be programmed to synchronize and activate itself during those hours, thereby helping you overcome cravings just when you need it most.

Imagine a future where people successfully stick to their diet plans without the hassle of unexpected hunger ambushes. Midday snack cravings could well become a thing of the past. This invention might transform the entire concept of dieting, making it a much more convenient and sustainable process. You do not have to worry about deviating from your diet because of undue hunger signals. All you need to do is stick an EDP on your skin, and you're good to go!

However, it's essential to keep in mind that this is still a patented invention, and there's no guarantee when or if it will make it to the marketplace. The world may have to wait a while before this game-changer is ready for action in the battle against unanticipated cravings.

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