Patent published on October 19, 2023

Emerja's New Patent: Bracelet Could Warn You're Getting Sick

Your health is critical. Yet, mysteriously, it has remained elusive to measure with accuracy until recently. A groundbreaking US patent US20230335287A1 by EMERJA brings us closer to monitoring our health in a more profound and efficient manner.

The core problem that this patent seeks to solve is that of preventive healthcare. The current public health approach focuses on combating diseases once they set in. But what if you could know you were getting sick before the first sneeze, the first cough or fever? What if your smartwatch could tell that you need to grab a bottle of water because your body is running low on hydration? Well, the patented technology by EMERJA takes us a step closer to that world.

Here's the issue – at present, understanding one's health status is a combination of monitoring symptoms, undergoing medical tests, and making educated guesses. This system has its challenges -- expensive medical tests, waiting for symptoms to surface, or obsessively worrying about every sneeze and cough makes for a costly and stressful experience.

The EMERJA patent offers a solution to these healthcare challenges. The patented system proposes a wearable gadget that works like a special bracelet. The device monitors various body parameters, including hydration levels. It then connects to a smart system that analyses these parameters, predicts health-related issues, and provides suggestions like how much sleep you need or what your diet should be.

This invention is more than a simple monitoring device; its core innovation lies in measuring the "emergent properties” of biological systems. Simply put, it focuses on observing the constant changes taking place in your body – not just the sum of all parts, but how these parts interact and evolve.

Imagine a world where you could 'see' your health degradation before the actual onset of the disease. The stress of sudden sickness could become a thing of the past, replaced by proactive lifestyle adjustments based on real-time health assessments. These could vary from rehydration alerts during a busy workday, to sleep suggestions after a late night out, to diet recommendations to keep your body in top form. It's like having a mini-doctor on your wrist, keeping a constant watch over your health and ensuring you stay in the best shape possible.

However, it's important to remember that while this technology shows considerable promise, it is currently just a patent. There's no surety it will hit the market; we can only anticipate the improvement it could bring to our healthcare system.

Global healthcare stands on the precipice of a revolution, one that moves away from reactive treatment and towards proactive health management. EMERJA's innovative patent offers a small but vital step in that direction, potentially empowering individuals to take charge of their health like never before.

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