Patent published on September 14, 2023

Emoji ID's New Patent Might Make Finding Friends Easier on Social Media

Recognizing friends on social media platforms can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack, and it's usually more complicated than just checking the name. The latest invention to address this issue comes in the form of Emoji ID's patent number US20230291560A1, which presents an innovative method for identifying friends on social platforms through the use of unique digital objects.

More often than not, attempting to identify friends on social networks can be tricky because of the myriad of similar or identical usernames. This problem could potentially lead to confusion and mistaken identity, thereby hindering smooth communication and interaction among users.

As per the patent, this operational headache is solved by linking social media profiles to distinctive digital objects crafted by the users themselves. These objects could be anything from a unique illustration or an icon, created by a user, which will be digitally linked to their profile. As a result, when users want to identify a friend, all they need to do is to look up the special object associated with that friend's profile. Meanwhile, the system holds an index of these objects and their creators, hence ensuring accurate search results.

Should this patent materialize into a real-world application, it will inevitably change the dynamics of social media. Instead of trawling through numerous names, we might be spotting our friends through the unique artwork they've created. Imagine searching for your friend's self-designed icon instead of their name on Facebook, or identifying a buddy on Instagram by a special photograph they took. It makes the process much more personal, engaging, and less prone to error.

It's important to note, however, that this creative concept is currently a patent. That means its implementation in real social platforms might be up in the air for some time. But there's no denying that it opens the door to exciting opportunities in making our online social circles more manageable and unique.

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