Patent published on December 7, 2023

New Patent Could Make Nexoya, a Social Whisperer for Businesses

In today's rapidly modernizing world, businesses are faced with understanding a rapidly transforming digital jungle. A core dilemma lies in comprehending what consumers are saying about their products or services on the labyrinth that is social media. This predicament has spiraled into a myriad of quandaries. Businesses struggle to accurately and quickly identify potential and unhappy existing customers. Rodding this out has the potential to vastly improve their marketing efficiency and customer service experience.

Addressing this issue head-on, a freshly minted patent titled "INTEGRATED SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING CONSUMER INSIGHTS AND ANALYZING MARKET TRENDS" (US20230394511A1) promises a solution. Simplified, the patent introduces a smart computer program that listens to online chatter and offers companies invaluable insights to understand public sentiment about them. It's essentially providing businesses a powerful virtual ear that listens and an eloquent mouth that puts businesses' questions to specific target groups and acknowledges public messages and opinions about them.

Beyond just demystifying social media interactions, the patent paints a picture of an organized platform that integrates a variety of much-needed functions for market analysis, research, and insight generation. Imagine a marketplace where businesses could possess an accurate, real-time pulse of customer thoughts, sentiments, and reactions, influenced by the ability to filter various data sources, sentiment distribution, and time-series data. What's more, creating a visual graph portraying consumer sentiments could become as easy as a few clicks. Identifying influencers, competitors, and having an accurate comparative market analysis would now be within grasp.

Picture Virgin Trains coming to the aid of a passenger in need, or PlayStation increasing audience engagement through real-time social media monitoring, or even Danish cider company Somersby measuring the effectiveness of an online campaign. All this while appreciating the vast consumer insight benefits of effective social listening.

This virtual platform, as promised by the new patent, signalizes a sea of change in the landscape of data analysis, adding a human touch to machine learning models. It is important, however, to note, that this new patent is yet to materialize into a viable product. While its promise is a beacon of hope for many businesses, its actual realization could take time and would rely heavily on practical implementation and market realities.

P.S. Remember, patents are formal grants for an invention, a promising announcement of a solution to a problem, but there is no surety when and how they will translate into a market-ready product. So, while we tune our ears to this smart, listening computer program, its advent into the commercial world remains a space to watch.

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