Patent published on November 23, 2023

New Patent Could Make Transitions Lenses More Comfortable

Familiar as we are with the discomfort of bright light, a groundbreaking invention, patented under the number US20230371879A1 by Essilor International, aims to make our lives a bit more comfortable. Titled "Device and Method for Assessing Discomfort and/or Disability Glare of a Subject", this patent targets the inconvenience caused by disturbing lights for individuals, especially those who are already dealing with eye-related issues.

The problem at hand is the lack of a personalized solution for glare discomfort that many face daily. The sensitiveness varies from person to person - while bright light can be a nuisance to highly sensitive people both indoors and outdoors, those with low light sensitiveness might only experience discomfort under very bright light conditions. This one-size-fits-all approach has turned into an issue, causing problem even under normal lighting conditions for some.

This is where Essilor's new patent comes into play, introducing a tool that takes a more tailored approach. The invention uses a device that assesses discomfort and/or disability glare of a person. The device employs neural signal analysis which, in simpler terms, observes our brain's reaction to the light received by our eyes. The device provides an objective evaluation of the level of discomfort or disability experienced by the user when subjected to a certain level of light intensity.

Moreover, the patent suggests a practical use for the invention by incorporating it in eyewear and virtual reality headsets, thus opening up several potential applications. This device could revolutionize the world of glasses and lenses, making eyewear more comfortable and personalized than ever. For instance, a pair of transitions lenses could have an adjustable filter that takes cues from the device, adapting to each user's level of light sensitivity, significantly reducing their discomfort. Virtual reality headsets could similarly utilize this device to adjust the light exposure for each user, enhancing the overall virtual experience by minimizing any potential strain on the eyes.

However, it is important to remember that this innovation remains within the domain of patents, and although it carries significant potential, there remain several steps before it may enter the open market for consumer usage, if it does at all.

P.S.: As mentioned, this is a patent, and there is no certainty that this device will appear in the market. Consumer availability would largely be subjected to the company's roadmaps and market projections.

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