Patent published on October 31, 2023

EverGuard's New Patent Could Boost Factory Safety with Sentinel

Ensuring factory safety is a continuous challenge. Everything from misplaced tools to employee negligence can lead to serious accidents. A recent patent (US11803955B1) by EverGuard promises to revolutionize this field with their Sentinel system.

Mismatched tools, high-speed machines, and bustling workers make factories a hive of activity where mishaps can occur in blink. Poorly tracked objects and employees, weak signals, and obstructed lines of sight often cause location tracking systems to fail. Similarly, the Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) systems that scan the environment sometimes miss important details when faced with obstructions.

EverGuard's new patent proposes to remedy these shortcomings. They aim to merge the strengths of real-time tracking and LIDAR systems to create a failsafe monitoring solution. Their Sentinel system uses special computer tools to understand the factory environment. It tracks objects, identifies their locations, and even uses a light finder to scan the surroundings.

Most importantly, the Sentinel system remains aware of all movements in real-time. Unlike earlier systems that provide limited coverage, Sentinel's all-encompassing three-dimensional mapping ensures comprehensive scene coverage. It uses this data to predict and prevent potential accidents. If a risk is detected, Sentinel alerts the relevant workers or machines through a portable device, thus preventing potential mishaps.

Picture a bustling factory where Sentinel is employed. Misplaced tools would no longer be a tripping hazard, because Sentinel would signal an alert. Workers would receive real-time alerts on their portable devices helping them avoid collision with fast-moving machinery. Foresight into potential accidents can transform safety protocols drastically, making adverse incidents a thing of the past.

EverGuard's multimodal safety systems and methods hold immense promise for enhancing factory safety. These systems help workers follow safety protocols, improve awareness of hazardous situations, and enforce proactive safety behaviors.

Of course, it needs to be mentioned that this is a patent proposal, so, whether this technology will be widely available in the market is yet to be seen. But the potential benefits it could offer bring about an exciting prospect for factory safety. We wait with bated breath to see how EverGuard will revolutionize the industrial environment with their proposed technology.

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